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by:Mings     2020-05-25
Realistically, though, most of these eco-friendly energy options are out of reach of the typical man and woman like you and me. All energy sources presently known require energy inherent in one or more form to be converted into another, more practically useful form, and both the conversion and the ultimate power generation and distribution processes typically contribute some environmental contamination in the various manufacture, conversion and distribution operations involved. In several countries with cooperative carrier arrangements, electricity retailing agreements make it possible for customers to obtain the green electrical power they want and need from either their utility or an acceptable alternative green power supplier. This arrangement places consumers in a position of being able to express a stronger, more influential voice relevant to the energy policies and decisions made by energy suppliers on their behalf. By agreeing to participate in an environmentally-friendly energy agreement, a consumer may be able to have an impact on the present and future energy initiatives that are applied and planned, fundamentally helping to advance and intensify the adoption of go green energy solutions. They are also making a statement to policy makers that they are agreeable to paying a price premium to support renewable energy programs and ventures. Eco-friendly energy consumers either obligate the utility companies to augment the amount of go green energy alternatives that they shop for from the resource pool available to them (thus decreasing the amount of non-green energy they buy), or directly provide money for the green energy requirements through alternative clean energy suppliers. If inadequate environmentally-friendly energy sources are obtainable, the utility must acquire new ones or contract with a third-tier energy supplier to supply the ecologically-safe energy needed, or take responsible action for more to be built. So, what go green energy solutions does one realistically have access to that are 1) feasible for an individual homeowner, and 2) don't require that you be a resident citizen of a country with cooperative carrier accords? Well, you may be surprised to learn that there are actually three go green energy options that offer viable opportunities at present, with two others not far behind. Let's take a look: 1) Solar power. This is my personal favorite alternative green power source at this time. This kind of power is the most abundant one of all because it involves the harnessing of power from the sun. Taking advantage of this power source involves employing manufactured solar cells which gather and focus the power given off directly by the sun, and then transfer it into electrical energy or, in some instances, boiling water. Major emphasis is being placed on learning how to benefit further from this promising go green energy source. 2) Wind power. Wind turbines represent one of the earliest methods of harnessing power. Presently, wind energy is being increasingly developed because it is much more power efficient and much less pricey than some other choices. 'Wind farms' are springing up in numerous locations known to have a preponderance of wind, and they have even become much more strategically positioned over time so that they are not jeopardizing birds as early designs of wind turbines did. So, again, harnessing wind power is one of the brighter go green energy opportunities to seriously consider. 3) Geothermal power. This natural energy power source is also extremely abundant, since it lies directly beneath our feet, just a short, drilling distance below the earth's surface. This eco-favorable power comes from the heating of water via the actions of earth's fantastically hot molten core. The water turns to steam, which can be harnessed and used to drive turbine engines that create electrical energy, or converted into heating applications directly. The cost-effective harnessing of geo-thermal power is also expected to become an increasingly popular go green energy option. 4) Biodiesel power. This emerging go green energy producer creates power out of the oils contained in vegetation. At this time, biodiesel is most favored by entrepreneurial-minded people or eco-friendly energy advocates who wish to experiment with alternative power, but broader interests and applications are on the rise. 5) Waste materials power. This interesting and viable environmentally-safe energy answer employs using waste materials to create power, thus complimenting that derived from other go green energy solutions. While the groundbreaking treatment of waste materials combined with de-carbonizing the production of power is certainly an attractive proposition, it is the furthest from becoming a practical reality at this time. As exciting as the future go green energy solutions for both mankind and our planet may be, those that have already proven their worthiness and continue to add more innovative value regularly are indeed deserving of your embrace and investment, and I urge you to move forward to do both!
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