Guangdong power gap between 600 and 10 million kw in 2012

by:Mings     2020-07-22
< P> north star power grid dispatch: reporters from the meeting of guangdong power grid company understands work conference in 2012, the steady economic growth, supply in the province, the western electric to factors, such as reduction in 2011 in guangdong province the supreme system load is 74. 75 million kw, year-on-year growth of 7. 5%, the most big mistake peak load is 7. 4 million kw, the most serious power shortage situation in nearly a decade. < / P> < P> due to the lack of water and coal situation will continue, guangdong new power capacity of only 1. 8 million kilowatts, in 2012 in guangdong province electricity supply and demand situation is very serious, may be continuous power shortage, for the whole year is expected to the entire province unified dispatch maximum load of 87 million kilowatts, gap between 600 and 10 million kilowatts. < / P>
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