Happened insulator pollution flashover

by:Mings     2020-07-03

power equipment of flashing, will seriously affect the safe operation of power system. Therefore, prevent pollution flashover in power equipment has become an important work to ensure safe production of power system. Pollution flashover is great harm to the power supply reliability of frequent accidents.

during the spring and autumn the traditional way is to blackouts cleaning, and the use of silicone oil, silicone coating, reasonable adjustment of external insulation creepage distance, has used the flash up skirt, using RTV pollution flashover dope, etc.

anti-fouling measures of shem

( 1) Determine the line the filth of the period and the pollution level. To correctly understand the line through the region of the atmosphere polluted degree and filth nature, correct the polluted area divided into parts, in order to provide reliable basis for antifouling flash work;

( 2) Regular cleaning the insulator. In the season before the arrival of uncleanness, and one by one base on cleaning the insulator, remove impurity content on the surface of the insulator. Cleaning method of general cleaning before the rainy season every year, can use dry cloth, wet cloth or cloth dipped in gasoline ( Or soak soapy water cloth) Will clean insulator, washing insulator can be charged. With serious not easy cleaning at the scene of insulator, also can change new insulator, back to the old insulator, cleaned in the factory;

( 3) Replace the bad and zero insulator. Evaluate the insulation in the insulator string on a regular basis to detect adverse insulator and zero insulator to change in time;

( 4) Increase the insulator string unit leakage than distance. Insulator surface leakage current is larger, the more serious the pollution flashover. The leakage current of insulator string with the size of the unit leakage ratio is inversely proportional to the distance, so can increase the insulator piece or dirt resistant insulator instead to increase the number of units of the insulator string leak than distance;

( 5) The antifouling paint. With serious region of insulator, if necessary, can take on a regular basis in antifouling coatings, such as organic silicone coating, in order to enhance its ability to resist pollution. Conditional, also can use semiconductor glaze insulator;

( 6) The synthetic insulation. The synthetic insulation column is made of epoxy glass fiber rods of mandrel and with silicone rubber as basic insulation. Epoxy glass fiber tensile strength is quite high, silicone rubber insulated umbrella skirt has good resistance to pollution flashover performance, so the composite insulator is line anti-fouling effective measures.

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