Heat insulation pipe and heat shrinkable casing specifications of the relevant knowledge

by:Mings     2020-06-27

today in small make up for the general customers more easily confused a product category, — Heat insulation pipe and heat shrinkable casing specifications have?

heat insulating tube is a broad statement, used in all walks of life, will have a different style; Let's know, from Min 0. 6 mm diameter of electrical insulation heat shrinkable tube, For notebook line) Saw 1, large. 4 meters diameter of anti-corrosion heat shrinkable tube, Large oil and gas pipeline repairing) 。 In general, the diameter of 300 mm below the heat shrinkable tube, the length can be continuous production; More than 300 mm diameter, adopt the intermittent expansion. The choice of heat shrinkable tube, generally 20 ~ 50% larger diameter than was enshrouded can, of course, also want to see the shorten the way and the customer request, for customer want to pack batteries, capacitors, slightly freshman little just set slightly shorten.

in fact both the cold insulation pipe and heat insulating tube its are based on a unit. But with different stress levels of the length of each root are also different. 1 kv thermal shrinkage insulating tube length is 600 mm long, 10 kv heat insulating tube length is 650 mm long, 35 kv heat insulating tube length is 800 mm long. In 1 kv insulation heat shrinkable tube custom color has red, green, yellow, blue, black, and 10 kv heat insulating tube color is only one red ( Rust red) 。

under the second us heat insulating tube with heat shrinkable tube, heat shrinkable casing standard heat shrinkable casing with different insulating tube heat shrinkable casing way of packing is a dish for the unit, typically phi 25 and older are 25 m a plate. If want to know how many meters for a plate of other standards are welcome to come to consult our customer service staff, small make up in it's not much said.

the simple heat insulating tube is introduced and the difference of heat shrinkable casing way of packing, let's say below its heat insulating tube and heat shrinkable casing what is the difference between the standard model.

the bigger difference is showed in different ways, both heat insulation pipe due to the commonly used in cable, so the square is used to determine the standard models of heat insulation tube. 1 kv heat insulation pipe standards have 0 #, 1 #, 2 #, 3 #, 4 #, and their corresponding applicable for 10 - square 16平方毫米,25 - 50平方毫米,70年 120 mm2,150 - 240 mm2,300 - 400mm2; 10 kv heat insulating tube standard 1 #, 2 #, 3 #, 4 #, their corresponding square is 25 - shall apply 50平方毫米,70年 120 mm2,150 - 240 mm2,300 - 400mm2; 35 kv heat insulation pipe standards have 1 #, 2 #, 3 #, its corresponding square for 50 - shall apply 120 mm2,150 - 240 mm2,300 - 500mm2。

and heat shrinkable casing used in electrical, electronics, electrical equipment, power distribution cabinet, the place such as copper platoon, so generally in the form of an inner 'Ф' to indicate. 1kv热缩套管的标准有Ф3、Ф4、Ф5、Ф6、Ф8、Ф10、Ф12、Ф14、Ф15、Ф16、Ф18、Ф20、Ф22、Ф25、Ф30、Ф35、Ф40、Ф50、Ф60、Ф70、Ф80、Ф90、Ф100、Ф120、Ф150、Ф180、Ф200; 10kv母排热缩套管的标准有Ф12、Ф16、Ф20、Ф25、Ф30、Ф40、Ф50、Ф60、Ф70、Ф80、Ф90、Ф100、Ф120、Ф150; 35kv母排热缩套管的标准有Ф30、Ф40、Ф50、Ф60、Ф70、Ф80、Ф100、Ф120。

if this still can't clear the differences of the two, small make up a recruit: pyrocondensation insulation tube tube is coating and heat shrinkable casing pipe is no glue. Heat shrinkable casing are commonly used on the wire connection, select the appropriate heat shrinkable tube set on the wire connection, with a heat gun heating and heat shrink tubing contraction, hold up after the joint.

this is heat insulation pipe and heat shrinkable casing the entire content of the standard, the welcome general customers to come to consultation and understanding, sincere service for you.

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