Heat resistance difference is the important performance insulator

by:Mings     2020-07-08

it is well known that many, many different kinds of insulator, including performance varied, but the most important points can be roughly divided into, the transportation is convenient, the fouling resistance, electric resistance, ductility, and dielectric properties, including a, that is heat resistance is poor, insulator environment determines its to perform a variety of adaptation factors.

in the way of high tension line running insulator to the test of temperature changes in different areas and different seasons, but also to withstand electrical load fluctuation caused by temperature change. Insulator is the major cause of the damage caused by temperature change an insulator and expansion and contraction ratio of different metal accessories.

toughened glass insulator has excellent heat resistance difference characteristics, because the metal accessories, toughened glass and agglutination of cement is close to the thermal expansion coefficient ( Iron cap and steel for 11 x 10 - foot 6/°C; For 8 x 10 - glass 6/°C; Cement of 100-9 x 6/°C; Porcelain is 4 x 10 - 6/°C) 。 So than toughened glass insulator porcelain insulator has better heat resistance is poor performance. Beijing heng electrical appliance co. , LTD. , insulator manufacturer test showed that general of heat-resistant up to 250 ° C, toughened glass insulator so in circuit under normal operation, temperature changes on the insulator.

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