Heat shrinkable cable accessories and cold cable accessories

by:Mings     2020-07-16

it is well known that the cable accessories category is numerous, the current in the cable accessories mainly used in low voltage cable assemblies for heat shrinkable cable accessories and cold cable accessories, mainly the main difference between them is as follows:

a contrast, materials

1, the heat shrinkable type mainly adopts polyolefin material modification through formula, irradiation treatment, make the material has the function of 'memory' and other electrical properties.

2, cold type is to use electrical and physical properties are relatively superior silicone rubber material, silicone material has relatively better polyolefin material electrical insulation, weather resistance, aging resistance and anti fouling prevention creepage performance.

2, price comparison on

1, heat shrinkable cheap price, now widely used on the thermal shrinkage in the field of below 35 kv, 35 kv level has been gradually to cold, 10 kv and 1 kv due to cheap, also in widespread use.

2, cold is expensive, at present the price of cold is about 4 - the thermal shrinkage - - - - - - 10 times or more, but the operating costs in the long run, more than 10 kv to consider to choose more of the cold, especially in 35 kv, choose the cold will reduce long-term operation cost.

three comparison, processing technology,

1, heat shrinkable type by using continuous extrusion, continuous irradiation, continuous expansion or piecewise expansion process, convenient for mass production.

2, cold type, by injecting equipment and pressure after high temperature vulcanization molding equipment, special expansion expansion process, and the support to keep the corresponding object in a state of expansion process.

4, quality comparison on

1, cold inherent advantages make cold application continuously toward the development of high voltage cable accessories, there are 110 kv cold cable accessories.

2 inherent shortcomings, heat shrinkable cable accessories made of heat shrinkable cable accessories long time application in below 35 kv voltage class, and in the 35 kv voltage grade, heat shrinkable cable accessories have become the important reason for the accidents occurred frequently in the operation of the cable.

the above four factors is the cold cable accessories and heat shrinkable cable accessories of contrast, more information please contact consultation cable accessories electric contact phone number: 18156768781

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