Heat shrinkable cable accessories during construction to do clean

by:Mings     2020-07-01

type heat shrinkable power cable accessories series include: 1 kv rubber, crosslinking cable terminal and the middle joint, 10 kv crosslinking cable termination and the middle joint, 10 kv oil-immersed cable termination and the middle joint, 35 kv crosslinking cable terminal. Type heat shrinkable power cable accessories when using the environment temperature range: - 40℃~+70℃。 However, with the gradual improvement of the safe operation of the power grid reliability requirements, requirements for equipment maintenance and installation process more refined. This part is heat shrinkable cable accessories in the construction of the clean when the problem.

the installation of the cable accessories is characterized by insulation processing at the scene, in addition to the climatic conditions affect the quality of installation, environment of dust and debris will produce adverse effects, such as crosslinking cable installation should pay special attention to. When installing heat shrinkable cable accessories cleaning should do the following:

( 1) After cleaning the contraction of dust

installation heat shrinkable cable accessories is currently limited to use heat source such as liquefied gas spray gun, gas burner, no matter what fuel use, such as inadequate flame, containing a large amount of carbon soot. In heat shrink material, the smoke into the material surface, back and forth in the uniform heating in the process of baking, can make the heat shrinkable material surface coating a layer of dust particles, such as not to remove extremely harmful, it can lead to poor contact between the insulation, insulation, leakage current increases, the rain skirt and poor adhesion problems, therefore require technology progress after each contraction in a pipe fittings shall be wiped clean surface with solvent, it is a very important step.

( 2) Remove grease to ensure the sealing effect

heat shrinkable cable accessories of sealing structure is using viscosity of hot melt adhesive sealing, which USES hot melt glue will close bond, tube and pipe, tube and metal block oil leakage and moisture in. Bonding is the key to deal with sticky on the surface of the junction is clean, and the surface of the oil is not likely to be a good bonding effect, so the sealing parts shrinkage pipe cleaning with solvent, carefully before you can ensure that the sealing effect.

( 3) On the choice of solvent

clean plastic surface and removing the effect of oil pollution and the use of solvent has a direct relationship. According to the relevant information with trichloroethylene and acetone solvent effect is good. If use ethanol ( Solvent) Scrub the surface of the plastic, after dissolving jing exert remote table was used to measure the surface resistance is zero, so should not be used, and the regular gasoline contains a variety of metal oxide, more do not apply. On the choice of solvent, the crosslinking polyethylene insulation surface cleaning is very important, therefore, should cause our attention.

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