Heat shrinkable cable accessories installed a few key points

by:Mings     2020-07-02

general insulation defects of water in the middle of the cable line is affected by the external factors, problem ( The external force damage) As most of the attacks in the cable line installation. Whether in theory or practice, the installation of the heat shrinkable cable accessories are important, because the installation is directly related to the process of the cable line of work safety, so the heat shrinkable cable accessories installation it is necessary to popularize some requirements.

a. The preparation before installation:

1, in the production of cable head, you need to use the tools must be ready to complete, construction personnel should be familiar with the use of various instruments, inspection and matters needing attention.

2, before making type heat shrinkable cable head, should be prepared to complete the required heat shrinkable materials and supporting materials, check to see if the material has been qualified, according to cable structure, specification, determine the appropriate heat shrinkable materials used, etc.

2. Requirements of installation you need to follow:

1, should comply with the provisions of the product installation manual cutting cables, suit heat shrinkable materials, and other various operations.

3, cleaning the key is to ensure that the installation quality, need to pay special attention to cleaning on the surface of the cable insulation.

4, heat shrinkable tube package apply metal parts such as terminal blocks, metallic sheath, metal parts should be hot to 60 - 70 ℃ to achieve good sealing effect.

2, use liquid gas gun, burner heat shrink tubing, attention should be paid to the flame temperature and flame should be radial movement around the material, to ensure uniform diameter contraction is slow again after extension, contraction should follow the process recommended starting position and direction, facilitate the exhaust gases.

5, should pay attention to eliminate the residual gas inside the heat shrinkable cable accessories, general cable accessories are made of perfusion insulated ways to remove the internal air gap, and the heat shrinkable cable accessories is to rely on the contraction of heat shrinkable tube to eliminate internal residual gas. So, in addition to heat shrinkable material requirements have suitable shrinkage ratio, on the attachment design and process measures should remove internal gas effectively.

6, heat shrinkable cable accessories terminal head for aluminum terminal ( Or copper terminals) Pressure welding process should be very attention, can't wear, should according to the technological requirements of die. Pressure welding depth should also conform to the standard, cannot too deep, if you have wear phenomenon, it is easy to cause the dampness or rain intrusion wire core, the passage of time can cause insulation breakdown accident. See the pit depth from the point of pressure technology so suggest to switch to confining pressure, more difficult to control because of the confining pressure will not wear terminals.

in the installation and construction process of hot shrinkage cable accessories, it is forbidden to damage the cable sheath and insulation, and thermal shrinkage intermediate connecting head when not fully cooling, are not allowed to move the cable.

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