Heat shrinkable cable seal cap and its application in electric power industry

by:Mings     2020-07-16

is well known, we Chinese have infrastructure spree in international, the attention of the power engineering as a national key project, used in electric power construction of some of the more important in the attachment, heat shrinkable cable seal cap is the insulation of the cable on the accessories in the electric power industry, two head exposed in cable with hot shrink cap seal trapping, and then heat shrinkage can complete the installation. On the surface sealing cap requirements may not be too high, but from the purpose, we need to ensure the sealing cap sealing, but the sealing cap seal is determined by inner wall coating of hot melt adhesive, if wall of hot melt adhesive performance does not pass, produce cracks, then don't seal protection. Small make up today to introduce the heat shrinkable cable seal under the cap and its application in electric power industry.

heat shrinkable cable sealing cap is made up of crosslinked polyolefin materials and hot melt adhesive double, using spiral coating technology, excellent waterproof and is widely used in power cable and communication cable at the end of storage and transportation of protection, can also be used for the end of the street lamp joint processing, mainly to have the sealing, waterproof, moistureproof effect.

the heat shrinkable cable sealing cap sleeve on the need for protection of cable, heat shrink, can effectively prevent water from entering the contract.

heat shrinkable cable seal cap make up is simple, using polyethylene after injection molding, so the shape is usually fixed, if there is special requirement is needed to open mold production.

heat shrinkable cable seal cap or sealing cap, or heat sealing cap, is a specialized in tubular class end seal protection effect of the material. After free radicals from electronic crosslinked polyolefin polymers can produce memory effect, heat shrinkable cap seal is thermal shrinkage generated by this principle.

heat shrinkable cable seal cap currently on the market are of variable quality, price difference is quite big. General cable factory as low-value products, service life is shorter, the price is relatively cheap; If it is construction site temporary cable, or quite some time, cable end place scene, you need high quality weather seal cap. And communication with seal cap, can add valve, used in pneumatic pressure maintenance. When used with open ( Liquefied petroleum gas baking gun) From one end of the closed heat contraction, the end end, shrink and tightly wrap completely, hot melt adhesive overflow, namely complete.

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