Heat shrinkable casing classification is introduced in detail

by:Mings     2020-07-21
Insulation heat shrinkable casing usually need according to the grade of voltage, is want to know what is the body of the insulation level of power and the heat shrinkable casing can accept the highest voltage, usually 1 kv, 10 kv, 20 kv, 35 kv, and so on, the overall heat shrinkable casing pressure and its thickness are linked and formula materials, in certain cases data, thickness is the main parameter, but sometimes not to a request for the thickness of the heat shrinkable casing to insulation, is to strengthen the sheath. Heat shrinkable casing manufacturers: electric power equipment co. , LTD. , the company's main products are cable branch box, shrinkage cable accessories and heat shrinkable cable accessories, ring network cabinet, gas cabinets, cable joint, etc. , is a collection of science and technology research and development, production and manufacturing, product sales for the integration of electric power equipment co. , LTD.
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