Heat shrinkable casing when using should pay attention to the problems and countermeasures

by:Mings     2020-06-27

heat shrinkable casing on the market a lot, manufacturer of heat shrinkable casing is mostly distributed in guangdong, jiangsu and the wenzhou area, to say the application range, and the very broad, such as: automotive wiring harness, electronic components, communications, and Marine use waterproof, wire and other wire and cable in use is the most, because the heat shrinkable tube is tube, is along the wire wear use, thickness and length can be cut freely according to the actual application requirements, but when we use the heat shrinkable casing should pay attention to the problems and countermeasures is critical, we take a look at the following:

a, one of the matters needing attention

choose which kind of type of heat shrinkable casing problem

heat shrinkable casing is made of rubber, plastic and other polymer blend sex, after irradiation technology make linear molecule chains of polymer network structure, thus to produce a product with 'memory effect', and after heating expansion when production quickly after heating, when using heating again to the point of almost free to shrink to the expansion of the size.

, for example, after contracting allow maximum diameter of 5 mm ( The contraction after diameter) , shrinkage ratio is 2, then the thermal shrinkage of the specifications of the casing for Ф 10; If shrinkage ratio is 3, the specifications of the heat shrinkable casing Ф 15. ( Theoretical data are for reference only, do not rule out production and use of measurement error) , so in the choice, and we will abide by the contract before the inner diameter of> quilt cover objects, and contraction diameter after < the principle of bedding bag objects.

2, notice the second

heat shrinkable tube heating temperature greater than the shrinkage temperature of the heat shrinkable tube

heat shrinkable tube, now we commonly used heating mode is 3 kinds: lighters, heat gun and oven.

a lighter, more convenience is also one of the commonly used, but on the outside the flame temperature is up to emission, greater than the shrinkage temperature of the heat shrinkable tube, so when using lighter baking needs to move back and forth and let the whole heated evenly heat shrinkable tube, in order to prevent the burning heat shrinkable casing or make its appearance becomes ugly.

heat gun, heating of professional tools, but the commonly used heat gun will reach a temperature of 400 ℃, the benefits of using a heat gun is not easy to burn out heat shrinkable tube, but it also need to constantly shaking let heat shrinkable tube heated evenly, ensure that the appearance of contraction after the same.

oven is also a good tool, it's normal shrinkage temperature in 125 + 5 ℃, if use high temperature again, if placed in the oven is chaos without rules or contraction in the tunnel furnace, it could produce mutual adhesion prompted a hole products, therefore, should pay attention to when placed evenly arranged, don't pile up together.

three, note 3

heat shrinkable casing by the set of object surface is smooth and flat

in the use of some of the heat shrinkable casing, pipe when the pipe cutting, incision, or polishing is not smooth, can lead to heat shrinkable casing in the case of crack appeared in the process of use; In addition, the heat shrinkable tube set on what kind of objects also have requirements, such as bedding bag surface rough have burrs, surface needs to be some burrs, sharp corners, to prevent puncture in the process of heat shrinkable tube retraction caused cracking, lead to cannot use up less than insulation protection.

many designers feel heat shrinkable casing in the circuit principle is in the final with some simple supporting role, so some of the heat shrinkable tube on problems and countermeasures are not very seriously, but in fact, if in the final phase of the heat shrinkable tube defects on maintenance, then the entire circuit principle is likely to lead to negative effects, so we should pay attention and take some corresponding measures.

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