Heat shrinkable tube in the process of using common problems and solutions

by:Mings     2020-06-26

in our country, under normal circumstances the pipeline are generally use room temperature heat shrinkable tube, heat shrink tubing few people buy, buy using high temperature heat shrinkable tube main area is generally in the Middle East and Africa the weather is hot. Heat shrinkable tube so we staff do foreign trade sales and distribution must be clear that the operating temperature of the heat shrinkable tube it, because of the high temperature heat shrinkable tube is prices are higher than normal temperature heat shrinkable tube, despite the high temperature heat shrinkable tube type is more applicable interesting environment, but it is not appropriate, economically but low temperature heat shrinkable tube is not suitable for high temperature environment, will cause a huge financial and material resources, manpower and time wasting. Normal shrinkage temperature, heat shrinkable tube in 125 + 5 ℃ range contraction at higher temperature, if it is mixed with no rules placed in the oven or contraction in the tunnel furnace, there will be may produce the following problems:

a, mutual adhesion result in product hole

1, put all the products ordered to the corrugated paper to prevent stick;

2, to reduce the shrinkage temperature to 110 + / - 5 ℃ contraction;

3, using the company normal wall thickness pipe, or choose to thicken the pipes.

2, length of more than 50 centimeters of above contract blister

1, the unilateral contraction from left to right, make the air discharge;

2, in does not affect the performance of the product case with hot water shrinkage;

3, told the company production and technical personnel to arrange for special order.

three, products stretching cause shrinkage problems

1, our products tensile control within 5% commonly, if required tensile rate, smaller requires special customization. ;

2, thin tube stretching shrink products have different length.


with the ram position on both sides of contraction, and then to middle contraction

4, when the customer's requirement in cutting, size to accurate


1, accurate calculating pipe cutting product size, and inform the customer the size of the pipe cutting tolerance;

2, more than 30 mm in length of pipe cutting, and strict tensile nowadays single noted, I will arrange special production.

5, product shrinkage does not reach the designated position

casing size is too big, after contracting size is greater than the customer request size

recommended scheme:

1, with smaller size products to replace the existing casing;

2, choose contraction ratio larger products;

3, due to the low shrinkage temperature, did not shrink, low-temperature tube.

6, casing wall thickness thicker, contraction slower

recommended solutions

with big shrinkage ratio or my company product

7, products appear off color

1, the casing is various, product variety, color of the casing color masterbatch mixture, the influence of batches of raw materials, etc, more severe;

2 do not match the color, high and low voltage busbar, high and low voltage bus lead to tube is different because the formulation system of color, color is not consistent, various batches of different batches of product because of the use of raw materials may not be the same batch products, thus causes the color of the pipes is different.

the last point, is a very important factor, is the thermal shrinkage temperature change of the object, because the heat shrinkable tube shrink when need to heat treatment, it was hot shrinkage noe point you need to consider, cannot because after heating affect its performance and so on, these are all select heat shrinkable tube factor to consider. Besides choosing heat shrinkable tube, consider the use of specific environment and pay attention to what aspects of protection features, such as corrosion resistance, resistance to smoke and heat resistance and so on, these are important considerations. Only by choosing appropriate heat shrinkable tube, better to be hot shrinkage for effective protection.

these are small make up of the heat shrinkable tube in the process of using common questions and answers, hope to be of service, is a company specializing in the production of heat shrinkable tube, heat and cold shrinkage cable accessories manufacturers, welcome customers to inquire, 24-hour service hotline: 18156768781

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