Heat shrinkable type terminal head production steps

by:Mings     2020-06-28

very early in our country to carry out the exploration of the smart grid development work, believe in the future China everyone can have convenient, green and safe power life. At present, power optical fiber communication network, the management information system has been completed, the real-time dynamic monitoring in the power system of dispatching automation, intelligent, flexible ac transmission, substation, distribution network automation, etc, have made a lot of progress, in order to promote China's clean energy development and utilization, improve energy utilization efficiency, realize the power grid and the user interactive laid a solid foundation. AnWei electric power company of small make up to you to introduce hot shrinkage type terminal head production steps have? We take a look at the following:

a, heat shrinkable type terminal head production process specification and steps are introduced.

1, the end of the strip line core insulation, crimping terminal blocks.

2, set into the heat shrinkable branch set, starting from the middle to the upper and lower two direction of heat shrink.

3, according to the cable fixed position and the distance between the connecting device for the length of the strip the cable outer sheath, steel belt ( If you have any steel belt) Leave 25 - 30 mm, and the rest of the strip. Binding and welding grounding line again, then use plastic tape or rubber adhesive tape winding and welding place, lest stabbed outside heat shrinkable branch sets.

as indoor terminal head, the installation is over. For outdoor terminal head, still should according to the actual use of the environment in deciding whether to each phase wire core insulation outside to add a layer of resistance to climate heat shrinkable tube, the lower terminal should be around the bag sealing tape. In general, the voltage level of outdoor terminal head does not need to add the rain skirt.

2, local winding and heat shrinkage tube cable joint

1. In not less than 10 was on both ends of the wire will wire steel band ( If you have any steel belt) Welding connected.

2。 Joint outside heat shrinkable casing protection set on one end of the cable, then each small heat shrinkable tube on the wire core set on the long side wire core, then the conductor connecting pipe pressure.

3。 The arrival of three ( , four or five) Wire core joint pinch approach, with PVC belt or white gauze belt tie tight.

4。 Covering each side core insulation not less than 50 mm, heat shrink. Each phase wire core, in turn, according to the above process.

5。 Joint heat shrinkable outer protective casing will be moved to the joint position ( Each side covers cable outer sheath of not less than 50 mm) , heat shrink.

6。 Around the insulated rubber adhesive belt, about 30 mm from the end line core insulation, until the conductor connecting pipe package to another end line core insulation the same location, require that the conductor connecting pipe on the pit and the gap at the ends of the bridge after winding and 3 - again 5 layer.

7。 Cutting the cables. To avoid joint total diameter is too large, each phase wire core can be joint stagger, stripping out the length of each phase wire core should take account of the bending line core requirements ( So that the pressure after taking over) And advance into each phase wire core heat shrinkable tube, Length should be not less than the conductor connection length and 100 mm) 。

according to the cable laying environment, if the directly buried installation, joint should be plus mechanical protection ( Such as joint topped with cement plate) , to protect the safety and stability of the cable joint.

AnWei electric power company in the paper for the interpretation of the problem is to introduce you to them and more heat shrinkable type terminal head production steps of the relevant information through the website homepage contact contact welcome advice us.

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