Heilongjiang electric propulsion networking heihe stand between China and Russia

by:Mings     2020-07-18
< P> Polaris grid online news: on February 8th, heilongjiang electric power company organized heihe on the resistance of 500 kv in the sino-russian networking project coordination meetings, party member, deputy general manager Zhang Manzhou chaired the meeting. < / P> < P> in heihe on resistance improvement project is to improve the dc network project put into production after back-to-back between China and Russia, north of heilongjiang province power grid high voltage problem of the construction of the organization. State grid corporation in January 11 and 18 into the progress of the associated organization meetings. Heilongjiang electric power company of 500 kv in heihe on the resistance to reform attaches great importance to the on-site construction management, organized the project coordination meeting, the ministry of construction project of state grid company meeting is introduced the main equipment for coordination and follow-up work deployment, engineering contractors to report the progress of the project, including the main equipment delivery date to meet the demand of time limit for a project, the northeast electric power design institute a equipment shop drawing submitted construction units, Harbin ehv company scheduling communication center will be issued to the company before the end of the month report to heihe on 35 kv bus bar power cuts. < / P> < P> Zhang Manzhou deployment to the next phase of the project, the required infrastructure department appoint the contact state grid corporation of the ministry of construction engineering, main equipment supply and under the framework of the agency contract, in order to compliance process supervision, construction team, under the supervision of construction units in operation and safety measures, for the recent low temperature under the condition of construction safety measures, to ensure the engineering safety, schedule and quality. It is reported, 500 kv heihe on resistance and reconstruction project construction will be completed at the end of February, March 15 complete electrical installation task, on March 20, have the project put into operation conditions. < / P> < P> heilongjiang electric power company, scheduling communication center of the ministry of construction, power grid construction, Harbin branch of electricity transmission &transformation facilities of ultrahigh pressure company, northeast electric power design institute, province, head of the company and other departments and units attended the meeting. < / P>
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