Henan electric power company scheme to ensure orderly supply winter peaks

by:Mings     2020-07-16
< P align = center> 'meet, refining rounds' to ensure orderly power supply < / P> < P> on November 23, in order to ensure the safe and stable operation of power grids, minimize power supply gap, electric power company in henan province of henan power grid in 2011 winter peaks plan, requires all units departments work together, to improving the capacity of power supply, the power supply tense period in accordance with the principle of 'satisfy the total, refining rounds', to ensure that residents life, key areas and important power use. < / P> < P> since this year, henan economic operation overall maintain steady growth, the whole society power consumption and the rapid growth of power load, the largest winter henan power grid load is expected to reach about 40. 5 million kw, the heating load is 8 million kw, and higher than in the winter of 2010 35. 5 million kilowatts maximum load of 5 million kilowatts. The winter coal supplies are tight, outside the electricity co. , LTD. , a new unit operation instability, sleet freezing weather, power grid operation mode change multiple factors, such as province's largest power supply capacity of 35. 15 million kilowatts, about 5. 35 million kw power supply gap exists during the winter peak loads. < / P> < P> therefore, henan company requirements for disaster prevention and control of the various units to factors such as weather, electricity coal supply grid blackouts as a top priority, more measures and improving the capacity of power supply. For coal supply tense situation for a long time, during the winter, henan company will intensify coal supplies coordination, implement comprehensive coal inventory and generated output optimization scheduling at the same time, efforts to improve water and electricity and natural gas peak capacity, actively widen the channel of the external electromagnetic absorption, maximize province supply ability. The power supply company will be highly attention during the winter in this power supply system in power plant running status, coordination of local government, to shut down the unit start up coordination area, urged the new power grid as early as possible, improve the region's power supply capacity. < / P> < P> in the power supply tense period, henan company will continue to deepen the orderly power utilization management, according to the principle of 'satisfy the total, refining rounds', according to the power gap size, the power indicator to enterprise in an orderly way, and time, equipment, capacity, responsible, strict enforcement of government approval of orderly power solutions, to achieve the orderly power supply. < / P>
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