High pressure wear casing wall it USES the principle which design

by:Mings     2020-05-21

high pressure wear casing wall is applied to a product of our power industry, and its use for the work we bring the very big help, but there are a lot of friends to know our product is that it is very small, so that when we use will encounter some trouble, then our technician will bring all of us to learn more products knowledge. High pressure wear casing wall is our company's main products, we took in terms of production and production of advanced technology, has the corrosion resistant, anti-aging, long life and other advantages, is the application of the power industry and other industries, and got a lot of prizes, in front of the high pressure wear casing wall design, to be developed oil fields must be accurate address environmental data as the design of the original data. Address environmental data including the distribution of faults and fault dip Angle, structure, texture characteristics of rock, the distribution of the soft layer, such as the thickness of the depth, rock formations in the groundwater flow conditions and the size of the void water pressure, hydraulic fracture properties of rock strata, the groundwater of steel corrosion is serious and so on. According to the formation condition, in the design of the different depth in the period of the formation of casing take different safety factor. For special cases to do special processing, such as easy to swell in mudstone and powerful extrusion to cause high pressure wear casing wall, to prevent wear casing wall damage, this section of the safety factor of the high pressure wear casing wall will increase. The content of the above is our today for us to introduce the relevant knowledge of high pressure wear casing wall. Its use effect is very obvious, provides the help for our work. If you are interested in our products, you can always call our hotline like we know for consulting.

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