High pressure wear casing wall models and meet is representative of what

by:Mings     2020-05-21

high pressure wear casing wall you know? This product is through the waterproof casing made of porcelain and metal accessories processing and, according to the application of among different areas, in the process of use also has a very prominent performance, application in the construction of chemical industry of tap water is different. The product model and the symbol represents what? Today, we know the specific. High pressure wear casing wall also called high pressure pipe wall, have different models and symbols, so that the type of the products, the structure of the characteristics of the code and design of the serial number, all is according to the rated voltage and rated current installation code for said, so this product in the process of running also has certain requirements, the demand of the need to run under rated voltage, the rated voltage of operation, if the voltage may be more than the rated voltage, so the product need to select the high. Usually the height of the products are suitable for use under a kilometer, the height of a km or more, the product should also be in accordance with the regulations for a correction with insulation test voltage. And also need to pay attention to the point of view of the product installation, if it is installed vertically, contour and the installation of the vertical Angle should be less than or equal to 30 degrees, if is horizontal installation, looking for the installation of the line and horizontal line Angle should be less than or equal to 15 degrees.

about the model of high pressure wear casing wall and conform to the above are representative of what relevant information, to share if you any doubts about our products, can continue to pay attention to our website, also can call the hotline for more advice and understanding, we are looking forward to your call at any time.

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