High pressure wear casing wall performance characteristic and the using range

by:Mings     2020-05-21

for high pressure wear casing wall has a lot of people are familiar with, but there are some people it is strange, in fact, it is can be seen everywhere in our life, it belongs to a kind of electronic products, has been in our got quite a lot of use of the power industry, the following is by the staff to do detailed introduction for us. Wear is called high pressure and high pressure wear casing wall wall tube, waterproof casing, wall embedded pipe, waterproof sleeve and tube into the rigid waterproof and flexible waterproof casing pipe. Place is not the same, they are used mainly in flexible waterproof casing mainly USES in the wall of civil air defense, demanding places, such as cistern rigid waterproofing casing pipe should be such as to pipe in the basement is commonly used in position. Flexible waterproof casing are applicable for pipe through the wall of the structure with vibration or have strict waterproof requirements of hardware fitting, general manufacturing enterprise is developed according to the construction science research institute design S312, 02 s404 standard atlas. Flexible waterproof casing wall in the wall, in case of the concrete should be switched to concrete walls, and the casing must be a solidified within the wall; Flexible waterproof casing is widely used in construction, chemical, steel, water, sewage treatment etc. Rigid waterproofing casing is a steel tube with wing ring ( Made of steel ring set on the steel tube) , in (inside the wall, For concrete wall) For general pipe wall, wall waterproof, and flexible waterproof casing in addition to the outer ring, internal gear ring, such as the flanges silk, has a complete set of sell, also can own processing, used to have a shock to line, such as pump and connecting pipe wall. The content of the above is our knowledge of the high pressure wear casing wall, our company is a production and sales as one of the manufacturers, produced by the product quality and performance is very secure, if you are interested in our products, call our hotline like us.

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