High pressure wear casing wall which brings security for us

by:Mings     2020-05-21

with the development of our electric power industry is constantly, the use of electrical equipment is very important. All kinds of electric equipment in our life, high pressure wear casing wall is our company's production of a product, in order to better understand to our products, below is the small make up for us to do detailed introduction. High pressure wear casing wall is used in the current domestic electric power engineering career as the common one kind of product, the quality and safety of this product is directly related to the safety of the circuit construction, in the domestic electric power industry development role is enormous. High pressure wear casing wall is designed to determine the influence factors of casing damage, safety and economy, the selection of a suitable casing steel grade and weight wall casing program should consider well completion and production requirements. The product design needs to have a comprehensive knowledge of stress analysis and the application of such knowledge ability. Design of the final product is an internal energy in strata under expected of internal and external pressure and axial load of the pressure vessel. Design should not only consider the cost of the entire cost of completion, and within the period of recoverable oil scrap loss are compared, and weigh in order to realize full well low cost as the target of optimization design. Our company is a production and sales as one of the manufacturers, produced by the products, both in quality and in performance is guaranteed, bring our electric power industry. If you are interested in our products, you can always call our hotline like us.

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