High voltage cable branch box series products

by:Mings     2020-04-10
High voltage cable branch box in power system in 10 kv distribution network cabling engineering, in an economic, reliable, maintenance convenient connection mode instead of a great deal of the branch in the original network overhead lines become a big problem, and the emergence of cable branch box thoroughly solved the problem, and with it all the characteristics of insulation, seal and make the line failure rate greatly reduced, and become a distribution network cabling engineering equipment * * * * * *. Its simple, convenient, flexible connection combination, make it in some cases, can replace the ring network cabinet; Necessary occasions, can be buried underground or soaking in the water, save the equipment and the investment of the cable, to improve the reliability of power supply, is widely used in commercial center, industrial park and urban concentration areas. Cable branch box according to the structure and the type of the cable joint can be divided into American cable branch box, Europe type cable branch box and switch, cable branch box 3 kinds. Series of products - high voltage cable branch box The mobile version
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