High voltage insulation materials have?

by:Mings     2020-07-04

high voltage insulation is electrical insulating materials. GB2900 according to the national standards. 5 rules of insulating material is defined as: 'to make the device in the electrical insulation materials'. Is able to prevent the current through the material. Its resistivity is very high, generally in 10 ^ 9 ~ 10 ^ 22 Ω m. range. As in the motor, around the conductor isolates turn-to-turn insulation materials and from the earthing of stator core, to ensure the safe operation of the motor.

< 1> high voltage insulation resistance to chemical attack

< 2> high voltage insulation glossy, part of transparent or translucent

< 3> high voltage insulation materials mostly good insulators

< 4> high voltage insulation materials, light weight and strong

< 5> high voltage insulation material easy processing can be mass-produced, cheap

< 6> high voltage insulation material widely used, utility, easy coloring, some more resistant to high temperature

store goods can have the effect of moisture-proof plastic also divided into domestic plastics and engineering plastics, mainly USES the generalized defined, such as PE, PP cheap, available in a variety of different types of machines for production. Engineering plastics, the price is expensive, but the stability and physical properties of raw material, in general, its rigidity and toughness of two kinds of characteristics at the same time. PVC transparent plastic board: the introduction of foreign advanced technology, advanced of imported raw and auxiliary materials produced a kind of high strength, high transparent plastic sheet. Product color can be white, treasure ', dark brown, brown, and many other varieties. Thickness: 2 mm - 20mm. 1220 mmx2440mm1300mmx2000mm product surface with double sided transparent mode. Characteristics: the product high strength, high transparency, good corrosion resistance, non-toxic, health, plasticity, physical properties superior to the organic glass. Guard USES: this product is widely used in equipment, instrument shell and interior, drinking water tank, liquid level display, etc.

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