High voltage insulation rod in the application process should pay attention to what?

by:Mings     2020-07-19

high-voltage insulating rod is one of the important parts in electrical equipment, it can stop the current conveyor, when in use at the same time there are a lot of is need to be aware of. Before using high-voltage insulating rod to check its surface state, make sure it is smooth, above cracks will not exist, there is no damage because of other factors, and insulating rod is not bent. At the same time to connect various parts of the high-voltage insulating rod is quite strong, according to the cycle test meets the relevant requirements. At the time of use, operation and according to the actual situation to use insulating gloves, and insulating boots, ensure the safety of operating personnel. If met rainy weather in outdoor use, in order to avoid the water until it, let it remain relatively dry state, also need to use to cover parts. If there is no more than 10 kv rated voltage, cover at least also want to use two, if it is below 35 kv minimum useful four. If there are no reliable protection device, it don't rain and snow when outdoors. After the use of high voltage insulation rod to move it to the wooden frame in the room above, avoid bending by other items to be affected with damp be affected with damp, and the preventive test every year.

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