High voltage insulator acceptance

by:Mings     2020-04-30
High voltage insulator acceptance of 7. 1 a) acceptance content Mill certificate and this batch of products sampling test and one by one test report, 500 kv voltage class products when necessary should also provide valid within the term of type test report ( Type test report valid provisions for four years) ; b) The consistency of the packing list with the attachment: a) High voltage insulator installation instructions; d) The content of the contract. 7. 2 objection when the user type of factory test report, technical documentation, and any objection to the quality of product should require manufacturing unit sampling test or part of the type of test, test items or increase according to mutual agreement, and test according to the provisions of standard IEC61109 and JB/T8460 mouth on the 8th of the packing and shipping. 1 packaging high-voltage insulator single cylinder is recommended for the packing, packing should be protect rat and the measures to prevent deformation, should be put in storage properly stored. 8. 2 to transport the transport and handling insulator should be carried out under the condition of the packing sound. When the insulator length more than transport vehicle body, should also take measures to prevent deformation of insulator. Handling to remove the outer packing of 330 kv and above grade insulator type, should be smooth handling, prevent excessive deflection in detail. 9 9 installation. 1 check before installation shall be in accordance with the GB/P5892 to appearance inspection of insulator one by one, the umbrella skirt tear, sheath damaged or insulator to ban the use of end seal destruction. 9. Note the vigilant item 2 a) Light to take light put, should not be thrown, and avoid collisions with sharp hard objects, friction; b) When lifting the knot to play on the metal accessories, banned direct binding on the umbrella cover, the rope touch the umbrella cover partial application soft cloth package protection: C) Prohibit trample composite insulators umbrella cover; d) Correct installation equalizing device, pay attention to installed, shall not be installed backwards, and carefully adjusting ring surface and vertical axis insulator. 【 On a message: high voltage insulator running and maintenance 】 【 A message: under high voltage insulator fault precautions 】
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