High voltage insulator failure and preventive measures

by:Mings     2020-04-28
High voltage insulator failure preventive measures high voltage insulator is a special kind of insulation control that it can in the overhead transmission lines play a dual role of supporting wires, prevent the current grounding. Insulator used for wire poles and wires to undertake, substation architecture and circuit connection. Into porcelain insulator according to the dielectric material type, glass type, such as compound three forms. Analysis of high voltage insulator measures to prevent common faults and maintenance, mainly in order to prevent due to environmental and electrical load conditions change caused by a variety of mechanical and electrical insulation failure stress lead to insulator, thus damaging the use of power lines and operating life. Failure analysis of high voltage insulator is exposed to the atmosphere, all the year round by a lightning strike, filthy, birds, ice and snow, high temperature, cold, elevation difference and other factors, will lead to all kinds of accidents. Lightning accident. Overhead line channel are usually hills, mountains, open field, and there is pollution of industrial area, line is a lightning storm to a breakdown or high voltage insulator blowout. Harm accident. Research shows that high voltage insulator flashover accident caused quite a part of the sound. Harm accident, compared to the high voltage porcelain high voltage insulator, glass insulator, composite of high voltage insulator flashover accident probability is higher. Harm caused by high voltage insulator flashover accident occurs in the 110 kv and above transmission lines, 35 kv and under high voltage insulator in urban distribution network of flashover accident because of the sound is less. Reason is that relatively few birds within the urban area, the line itself is not high, the voltage can breakdown of air gap is small, high voltage insulator without equalizing ring installation, an umbrella group can effectively prevent the sound flashover accident. Equalizing ring accidents. High voltage insulator in the process of operation, with the end, the distribution of electric field near the focus, the flange near strong air midfielder is higher, in order to improve the field strength around end fittings, 220 kv and above power grid have been added for equalizing ring. High voltage insulator string after adding equalizing ring, reduce the clearance distance of high voltage insulator string, its relatively lower pressure level, and because the equalizing ring fixed bolt on low voltage corona and in bad weather conditions, corona phenomenon has affected the safety of high voltage insulator string. Polluted accident. Polluted accident refers to the accumulation of on line high voltage insulator surface, with the filth of the electrical conductivity material, under the wet weather, makes the insulation level of the high voltage insulator greatly reduce after be affected with damp be affected with damp, the flashover accident under normal operation. Unknown reason. In composite insulator flashover accident, there are a number of accidents is caused by unknown reason, such as porcelain high voltage insulator blowout, high-voltage insulator zero value, glass composite high-voltage insulator tripping, etc. After the accident, although the operation unit organization patrol to find, and not find the specific reason flashover. There are a lot of common characteristics, the flashover accident most occurred in the middle of the night to the morning, especially in rainy weather, flashover accident happens, there are many and can automatic reclosing successfully. Safeguard measures is the main reason of the high voltage insulator encounter lightning flashover dry arc distance is too short, equalizing ring single-ended configuration and grounding resistance. Maintenance prevention, should use long synthetic high voltage insulator, installed double equalizing ring, and reduce the tower grounding resistance, etc. In order to effectively prevent the harm accident, unit operation should be often harm accident section lines, add every bird net, needle and installation bird shields and so on. For using equalizing ring line, equal size umbrella skirt structure should be adopted, the distance between the umbrella should meet the technical requirements, does not satisfy the requirements, needs to increase the creepage distance high voltage insulator, reduce the flashover accidents caused by ice and snow. To strengthen patrol inspection at the same time, regular spot checks in different areas, different environment running high voltage insulator, to pull, electrical properties and insulation aging test. Prevent caused by insufficient strength to protect, pendulum resistance decrease and caused by aging umbrella skirt flashover accident. In order to prevent high voltage insulator flashover uncleanness, and generally should take the following measures: regular cleaning high-voltage insulator. Before the arrival of pollution flashover accident season every year, must be of high voltage insulator on a general cleaning. Serious in polluted areas, should be appropriate to increase the number cleaning. Increase the creepage distance, improve the level of insulation. Such as increased impurity region of high voltage insulator model number, or the high voltage insulator to dust. Operating experience shows that in the serious polluted area, the high voltage insulator to dustproof, anti-fouling effect is better. The dustproof coatings, the mineral wax, paraffin wax, organic silicon materials such as coated in high voltage insulator surface, improve the anti-pollution ability of high voltage insulator. For unknown reasons caused by the high voltage insulator flashover accident, must be the same as the returned to the factory of high voltage insulator models of new products and run more than 3 years old product for dry power frequency flash, mechanical damage, such as experiment, for different period operation of high voltage insulator aging test. According to the test cycle, the high voltage insulator cleaned on a regular basis, to test the salt density value in a timely manner, and in the process of new product input, add new anti-aging agent and other measures. In addition, in the process of maintenance, the maintenance personnel foot cadence or places would be prohibited from sharp tool to cut ceng high voltage insulator, to extend the life of the high voltage insulator. 【 On a message: high voltage insulator acceptance 】 【 A message: under high voltage insulator market development 】
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