High voltage insulator - filthy From high voltage insulator to clean up the kinds of uncleanness, and high voltage insulator, composite insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-01
Produce high voltage insulator filth of transmission lines and 1 species 1. Transmission line 1 high voltage insulator filth of overhead transmission lines in the process of running, the dust in the air, salinity, industrial soot and other particles or bird droppings can accumulation layer outside the high voltage insulator surface filth; Product of high voltage insulator pollution refers to the unique high pressure flange child running after a certain time surface filth of saturation value, namely the filth of the adhesion to the surface of a high voltage insulator and been wash away the rain and the wind blows away the filth on macro reach dynamic equilibrium. Then gradually rise. Filthy before have not reached saturation value, the general trend of increasing, until reach saturation value. 1. Transmission line 2 high voltage insulator filthy type overhead transmission line insulator surface filth of the content of different and varied with the environment, is very complex, but can be roughly divided into two forms: one kind is the natural conditions of regional dirty naturalness filthy one by one; Another kind is occurring in the process of industrial production site sexual impurity industrial filth, running hazards for transmission lines * big industrial filth. Natural polluted natural filthiness is in the natural environment conditions & bull; Under the filth of the: : common mainly include: 1) Dust filth: mainly wind and vehicle from the dust of the ground raise, the composition of the dust and adhesion on the surface of high voltage insulator has greater influence on the operation of the line insulator, since the atmospheric pollution, heavy use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and the development of industrialized increases the content of soluble conductive material in the soil, the possible causes of the high voltage insulator insulation performance: dust impurity in high voltage insulator surface adhesion strength is not strong, the rain washed away its part also facilitate cleaning: 2) Saline filth: the wind will be blowing dust particles with salt composition, salt particles wind blows down product attached to the line insulator surface, saline impurity can absorb moisture in the air, there are more soluble ingredients and has strong electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, has greater threat to the insulation, especially in the fog, dew, under the condition of high humidity will make line insulator were greatly reduced. Industrial polluted industrial filth is produced in the process of industrial production of exhaust, dirt and dust into the atmosphere pollution caused by the unclean shape can be a gas, can be a liquid particles ( Such as steam) Or it may be solid particles ( Such as dust) And so on. Industrial filth in the high voltage insulator surface adhesion strong, the rain is not easy to rinse also difficult to clean, common mainly include: 1) For industrial squalor * serious category: 2) Cement filth: for dust particles, calcium salts of weak electrolytes, difficult difficult soluble or soluble substances, meet the unclean water will induration after on the insulator surface asperity, can make the original line insulator surface had been washed away the rain or blown away the filth of the drop on the surface. Sometimes have had to replace the high voltage insulator. 3) Coal soot impurity: mainly coal, coal incomplete combustion in the combustion process, a small amount of coal dust with smoke emissions into the atmosphere, coal dust and into a centre of condensed water vapor in the atmosphere. Increase the weight of the impurity particles and deposited on the surface of high voltage insulator. • The stronger the conductivity of coal dust: in addition, in the coal burning sulfur dioxide after the high altitude in water vapour into sulfuric acid smog, to the detriment of external insulation on line: 4) Metal impurity: as the metal particle emissions in metallurgical enterprises, there is a natural good electrical conductivity, heavier, the metallic particles in line insulator surface are not easily washed away rain. Is actually on the surface of the overhead transmission line insulator unclean air natural sexual impurity and industry all kinds of combination of uncleanness, and this combination product and damage degree of intensified unclean, unclean usually contain soluble conductive material and unsolvable absorbent material, the first encounter water dissolves makes high voltage insulator surface filth layer conductivity increase sharply, although the latter itself conductivity is not high but absorb moisture in the air after prompted the impurity in the conductivity of conductive material increase. Make its surface leakage current increases, when the leakage current increases to a certain extent, the transmission line of pollution flashover accident occurs. 【 On a message: the necessity of high voltage insulator filthy degree online monitoring 】 【 Next message: composite insulator creepage 】 the cause of the problem analysis
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