High voltage insulator filthy measurement and contrast Measuring equivalent composite insulator salt density, high voltage insulator, composite insulator, pillar

by:Mings     2020-05-01
Composite insulator filthy degree can be measured in the equivalent salt, fouling layer conductivity, surface conductivity, leakage current, fouling and flashing lightning pressure gradient method. This article chose the equivalent measuring composite insulator salt density measured degree of insulator filth, the reason is as follows. 一个。 Fouling layer conductivity is defined as the conductance of the fouling layer insulation unit surface and is actually made on the ratio of the current and voltage on the fouling layer and the conductance and the shape of the insulator coefficient multiplication is obtained. Conductance for measuring fouling layer surface, and should be under the condition of the fouling layer saturated be affected with damp be affected with damp, on the composite insulator with high power frequency voltage, appropriate measuring the leakage current and conductance obtained G = I/U, but the measuring dispersion is larger, the influence of uneven distribution of impurity is bigger also. In addition, should be used when measuring large power capacity, measuring more troublesome. b。 In the physical sense, the local surface conductivity of fouling layer and the surface conductivity is the same parameters, its physical meaning is the same, the difference is only measuring method. Measurement method, although same as the equivalent salt density, conductivity are greatly influenced by the temperature change. c。 Leakage current test as the parameter more said filthy degree: leakage current under running voltage * big pulse amplitude; More than a certain number of leakage current pulse amplitude; * big leakage current value before flashing. Measurement of these parameters need to impose a certain voltage on high voltage insulator, field test is not convenient. d。 Fouling and flashing lightning pressure gradient is the characterization of insulator * * the filth of the ideal parameters directly, the performance of the contamination test can accurately measure the insulator pollution flashover performance, but due to the nature and accumulate dirt level reaches a critical state and meteorological conditions causing pollution flashover of not necessarily exist at the same time, tend to be filthy has reached a critical level but has not been fully wet conditions and measuring less than critical fouling lightning pressure, thus carries on the flashover voltage of measurement should also be combined with other filth parameter measurement. Large capacity test equipment, test is not convenient, do not have conditions on site. e. High voltage insulator equivalent salt density ( The equivalent of external insulation on the unit surface area of salt) Measurement method is to use a certain amount of distilled water, to a certain area of porcelain wash away all the unclean on the surface, using the equivalent salt density tester ESDD measuring impurity solution of salt density value. Equivalent salt density can intuitive measure of degree of filth, not affected by temperature, voltage, test equipment capacity and the limitation of the test site. The feasibility of existing technology, equipment and operation, such as the general to take measurement of insulator salt density measure equivalent insulator filth. Equivalent salt is an objective reflection of insulator pollution flashover, is one of the criteria to judge insulation, which can measure the exact degree of uncleanness, and is not affected by temperature, voltage, test equipment capacity and the limitation of the test site, and convenient for field operation. 【 On a message: under the action of impulse voltage of high voltage insulator pollution flashover mechanism 】 【 A message: under high voltage insulator table made of convex concave corrugated the role of the central 】
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