High voltage insulator hardware

by:Mings     2020-04-30
High voltage insulator: is the wire insulation fixed and hanging on the tower. Common insulators for transmission lines are disc, disc glass insulator, porcelain insulator bar hanging composite insulator. ( 1) Disc: porcelain insulator domestic porcelain insulator, degradation rate is very high, need to detect the zero value, maintenance workload. Encountered lightning strike and flashing off string accident easily, has gradually be eliminated. ( 2) Disc: glass insulator has zero since the explosion, but since the rate is very low ( Is usually very few) 。 Maintenance without detection, toughened glass pieces of one thousand occurred after blasting is the residual mechanical strength of destroying more than 80% of the tensile, still can ensure the safe operation of lines. With lightning and flashing out series of accidents will not occur. In Ⅰ, Ⅱ area has been widely used. ( 3) Bar hanging composite insulator: have good antifouling flash performance, light weight, high mechanical strength, the advantage such as less maintenance, in Ⅲ level and above area has been widely used. Hardware electric transmission line hardware, according to its main properties and USES can be divided into: clip, connect the hardware, the type of connection hardware, hardware protection, pull hardware. ( 1) Clamp categories: hanging clamp: used to wire on the perch of suspension insulator string, or hang the earth wire perch on earth wire. Strain clamp: it is used to wire or overhead ground wire is fixed on the tension insulator string, the anchoring effect. Strain clamp has three categories, namely: bolt type strain clamp; Compression type strain clamp; Wedge clamp. Bolt type strain clamp: U hv insulator clamp type of hardware is borrow the vertical pressure with the wavy line clamp screw groove friction effect generated by the wires can be fixed. Compression type strain clamp: it is composed of aluminum tube and steel anchor. Steel anchor for succeeded and anchoring steel core aluminum stranded wire on the steel core, and then sets of aluminum tube body, with pressure make metal plastic deformation, which will make the combination clamp and wire as a whole, using hydraulic pressure, applied to compression of the steel mould with hydraulic press the corresponding specification. When the detonation pressure, can use a detonation pressure or secondary detonation pressure, will clamp and wire ( Overhead ground wire) Pressure into a whole. Wedge clamp: used to install the steel strand, tighten the earth wire and pull tower thread. It using the wedge splitting force, make steel strand lock online folder. ( 2) Connection hardware categories: connection between hardware is used for the insulator string and tower, between the clamp and insulator string, overhead ground clamp and the tower of connection between hardware. Commonly used: connecting gold ball head hanging ring, bowl head hangs Taiwan, u-shaped hanging ring, rectangular hangs Taiwan and so on. ( 3) Connection hardware categories: used for wire connection and overhead ground wire connection, tension tower jumper succeeded. Finalize the design in gold has: clamp pressure connection hardware, hydraulic connection hardware, bolt connection hardware, detonation pressure connection hardware. ( 4) Protection hardware categories: used for protective conductor and earth wire vibration shock hammer, convenient, damping line; Used to suppress the interval of time span vibration rods; Used for protection from high voltage insulator string produce corona shield ring and equalizing ring, etc. ( 5) Pull hardware categories: used to adjust and solid tower stay gold: adjustable UT type clamp; Steel wire clamp, use double thread and plate, etc. Tower, tower is supporting overhead line wires and earth wire, and between the wire and wire, conductor and earth wire, cable and tower, and the line between the earth and cross cross are enough safe distance. Basis: the role of the foundation is mainly stable tower, can withstand the poles, wires and earth wire under various load generated by the pulling force, pressure and overturning moment. Pole and appropriate USES prefabricated foundation. Tower appropriate USES cast-in-place reinforced concrete foundation or concrete base. Have a condition, should first adopt the original state. Include: rock foundation, pile foundation, excavation, Half excavation) Foundation, pile foundation and pile foundation drilling blasting, etc. Grounding device: mainly by connecting the earth wire of grounding down lead and embedment tower the field grounding body ( A) . Is the main purpose of grounding device, can quickly to lightning current pilot diffusion drain on the earth, to keep the line has certain lightning resisting level. The smaller the tower grounding resistance, the lightning resisting level is high. 【 On a message: composite insulator technology development process and trend of 】 【 The next message: high voltage composite insulator electrical parameters of each noun meaning 】
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