High voltage insulator hydrophobic detection

by:Mings     2020-05-01
High voltage insulator hydrophobic test 11. 2 inspection cycle operation of high voltage insulator performance of temporary 3 - cycle 5 years. 11. 3 test evaluation criteria if only one sample (s) only in accordance, should be in the same batch of products in the double sampling test may be repeated. If * try an experiment with more than one product is unqualified or still have a try in the repeat test is unqualified, this batch of compound high voltage insulator sentences is unqualified. 11. 4 11 detection requirements. 4. 1 hydrophobic hydrophobic test results of determination is not based on a test results, should be integrated to identify multiple measurements. Operation of high voltage insulator hydrophobic HC level rule for umbrella skirt surface measurements. If high voltage insulator under the umbrella skirt surface equivalent salt density greater than zero. 6 mg/cm2, should be cleaned, and water. Placed 96 h after cleaning, water measurement, if return to HC5 magnitude hierarchical levels can continue to run, otherwise should quit from the operation. 11. 4. 2 mechanical properties for each batch high voltage insulator should be according to the requirements of the random sampling number is tasted, mechanical tensile failure load tests are carried out. Operation of 8 - 10 years each batch of high voltage insulator should be random sampling 3 try to taste only mechanical tensile failure load tests are carried out. High voltage insulator hydrophobic measurement includes umbrella cover material of hydrophobic, hydrophobic migration features, and monk hydrophobic recovery time, water loss and recovery features. Hydrophobic measurement running composite insulators should be combined with maintenance. Need to choose good weather measurements, if encounter rain fog weather, should be in the rain to stop measurement in 4 days. Hydrophobic properties jie jing jie contact Angle ( B) And hydrophobic classification ( HC) To represent A. 2 try to prepare A. 2. 1 try product requirements product formulation and vulcanization forming process should be according to normal process in the production of composite insulator with umbrella cover are the same. If the formula of high voltage insulator umbrella skirt and jacket and different vulcanization forming process, the response to umbrella skirt material and sheath material experiment, respectively. Static graft tentacles method ( The CA method) The sample (s) using tablet, covers an area of 30 cm2 -- Product thickness 3 mm - 50 cm2, try The sample (s) 6 mm, number three. Hydraulic classification method ( HC method) The tablet sample (s) or umbrella skirt, covers an area of 50 cm2 - 100 c, insulator type of five number. 一个。 2. 2 sample (s) clean surface pretreatment with anhydrous ethanol to clean the surface, and then rinse with tap water, dried in the dust container and standard environmental conditions in the laboratory shall be retained for at least 24 h. 一个。 2. 3 try smearing and hydrophobic migration salt and grey guhya O respectively. lmg/cm2,0. 5 mg/cm2e after smearing try in standard laboratory conditions the dust container of hydrophobic migration, migration time for 4 days. 【 On a message: high voltage insulator monk water measurement 】 【 A message: under high voltage insulator running and maintenance 】
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