High voltage insulator impulse withstand voltage test operation

by:Mings     2020-05-14
High voltage insulator operating B impulse withstand voltage test. 11 B wet operation impulse withstand voltage test. 11. The general provisions of B 1 test. 11. Try and try to install 2 B. 11. 3 test program test only USES the normal polarity impulse voltage. The test voltage shall be in accordance with the GB / 1775. 2 - 2 in 1987. 2. Article 4 the correction. When test, will first prepared three clean high voltage insulator put in containers of water are 96 h after placed according to GB/T775 immediately. 2 - 2 in 1987. The provisions of article 3 has adjust good artificial rain device in the rain, the characteristic of the sample (s) to be pre spray applied voltage after 15 min, should be in 60% 70% adjustment under the withstand voltage value of impulse voltage generator to produce desired shock waveform, then increase the withstand voltage of the generator voltage to regulations. Applying coincidence time shock wave. B。 11. 3. 1 if the number of flashover criteria for no more than two times, the high voltage insulator by this test. Try after test should not be damaged, including dielectric breakdown, but does not include mild discharge trace on the insulator surface. B。 12 a visual inspection on the operation of high voltage insulator should press 10. 2 of the ordinance to check umbrella skirt, degradation of the sheath, connection, and the corrosion of metal accessories. B。 13 mechanical vibration test method B. 13. 1 test conditions on the hanging string, should exert a perennial load along the axis direction; For each split conductor should apply average annual running along its axis direction tension. B。 13. 2 try as much as possible in a simulated operation under the condition of mechanical vibration test, high voltage insulator to ground and analog tower gap distance can be different from running state, but the test conductor should be the same as the actual status. High voltage insulator must be installed on the runtime of all metal accessories, such as equalizing device, clamp, try to decorate the conductor span should be more than 30 m, B. 13. 3 test procedure in the whole test process, test system shall ensure that each wire in a constant tension, and the vibration Angle for 300. Each wire should be with a resonant frequency of high voltage insulator vibrator in the vertical direction vibration, the vibration frequency. 20 hz - f 40 hz, the vibration frequency shall be not less than 300 ( ) Ten thousand times. Vibration tests shall be carried out after mechanical damage load test and steep wave impulse withstand voltage test. B。 13. 4 criteria after the vibration test, suspension insulator metal accessories should not be loose, seal should not produce crack or cracks. After the vibration test, its steep shock resistance test and mechanical damage load of ning criterion by supply and demand both sides talks things over 【 On a message: high voltage insulator test standard 】 【 A message: under high voltage insulator power frequency voltage test.
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