High voltage insulator industry development prospect analysis

by:Mings     2020-04-30
High voltage insulator industry development prospect analysis of high voltage insulator is a kind of insulation control, play an important role in the overhead transmission line, the supporting wires and to prevent the current back to the role. High voltage insulator for more pole before, now has gradually developed into hang on one side of the high voltage wires disc insulators, usually made of ceramic or glass. High voltage insulator to ensure that the changes in environment and electrical load conditions, a variety of mechanical and electrical stress remains the same, otherwise don't function not only, it will damage the service life of the whole line. High voltage insulator industry in our country, in addition to lightning arrester run more smoothly, pillar and hollow high voltage insulator has made big progress, casing product question *. According to statistics, high-voltage insulator failure rate is 0. 3‰ , including high voltage part of 0. 1‰ , glass and porcelain high voltage insulator is 0. 2‰ 。 So each production enterprises need from design, raw materials, process, etc, to further strengthen quality control, and strengthen the communication with the demand, develop continuously meet the demand of power grid construction in the new product, make a certain contribution for the construction of smart grid. High voltage insulator industry in the process of rapid development, there are two problems need to solve: * a, small enterprise scale, industry concentration degree is low, the industry comparison & other; Scattered throughout the &; ; Second, basic materials research and development affects the progress of technology of high voltage insulator, still need to strengthen research and development. After recent years of development, our country high voltage insulator products quality level had the very big enhancement, good to meet the requirements of the development of China's power grid and its manufacturing level has reached the international * *, performance is getting better and better. According to released '2011 China high pressure high voltage insulator industry analysis and investment outlook report shows that our country electric power industry development in recent years for high voltage insulator industry has brought unprecedented opportunities of development, industry enterprises should grasp the opportunity, relying on technological progress and strengthen quality management, to meet the demand of the electric power industry, especially high-grade hollow porcelain high voltage insulator and casing products market demand. Along with our country the development of the smart grid construction and reform of city network, high voltage insulator increased demand, the market has huge potential and good prospect of development. An electrical relevant search. The high voltage insulator composite insulator On a message: the national standard of technical parameters about insulator announcement 】 【 The next message: suspension insulator profile, structure and parameters of 】
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