High voltage insulator lightning resistance ability of the product structure characteristics and high pressure

by:Mings     2020-05-14
High voltage insulator product structure features high voltage insulator sheath thickness & ge; 5 mm, thickness is consistent, in line with the national standard IEC standards. High voltage insulator umbrella skirt and jacket is made of whole forming technology. High-voltage insulator end seal of high temperature vulcanizates high-pressure sealing technology, to achieve four layer protection, make the hardware end sealed performance is reliable. Hardware connection USES the international good pressure welding process. Umbrella skirt design USES unique aerodynamics. High voltage insulator adopt ERC high temperature enhanced acid mandrel. Unique design of hardware slot and grooving thickness consistent, put an end to * * discharge. Hardware galvanized layer of rare earth aluminum hot galvanizing technology is adopted to avoid the zinc layer when the pressure drop. Products imported raw materials, the hydrophobic level can reach HC1. High voltage insulator lightning resistance, high voltage insulator is a special kind of insulation control can play an important role in the overhead transmission lines. At present the information reported: China electric institute has officially project in * * electric power company, is used for the transmission line insulator string for arcing horns. Lightning discharge and operation impact discharge ( Do not include long insulator string operation impact of abnormal discharge) Always choose * short flashover path, * air free ways to breakdown occurs easily. Transmission line insulator string USES the arcing horn, once the line lightning strike, lightning discharge and stream power frequency arc arc not along the insulator string and the two arc Angle of air gap formation. Arc discharge to prevent the ablation of electric porcelain porcelain body and hardware and electric breakdown within the porcelain insulator, umbrella plate. 【 On a message: what is a composite post insulator 】 【 Next message: classification of high voltage insulator, and electrical performance of high voltage insulator 】
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