High voltage insulator malfunction

by:Mings     2020-04-30
High voltage insulator flash operation failure of high voltage insulator pollution flashover and rain to insulate the live parts, and act as a mechanical support and equipment called insulators. Especially in outdoor running insulator, in addition to should have certain electrical insulating performance and mechanical properties of a certain intensity, also should have tolerance and attack of all kinds of natural environment pollution and ensure safe power supply conditions. Generally can be divided into line insulator, transformer substation according to the use support insulator and casing three categories. In accordance with the high voltage insulator material points. There are porcelain, glass and organic composite insulator. In the operation of the high voltage insulator in the type of the failure of many. The current. Impact on power system is bigger, and more frequent accident is under running voltage porcelain insulator contamination flashover in power transmission and transformation equipment. The rain of outdoor high voltage substation casing and insulator flash accidents and line suspension insulator & other; Zero value & throughout; Caused by the high voltage wire ground accident. This chapter focuses on analysis of the first two accidents, and the fault detection method and operation maintenance for reference. The filth of the high voltage insulator discharge often said that the insulation of the filth discharge is refers to the power transmission and transformation equipment in the working voltage of external insulation flashover. This kind of flashover, not due to the increase of voltage. But due to the insulator surface insulation ability to reduce the result. It has a unique discharge mechanism. With insulation layer in the surface area of the unclean, surface wetting and insulator itself resistance characteristics related to various factors. In order to correctly analyze the reason and take effective prevention measures, this section will introduce in detail the filth insulator discharge process, the mechanism and the fouling resistance characteristics and influence factors of all kinds of insulator. Overview of high voltage insulator and harmfulness of along with the development of the industry, the increase of the power grid capacity and the increase of rated voltage grade, power system, power transmission and transformation equipment insulation outside the pollution flashover accident is increasingly prominent. According to incomplete statistics transmission lines in China from 1971 to 1980 in 1126, the pollution flashover accident of substation equipment accident is 761 times; In the 1981 ~ 1990, pollution flashover accident is 1907 times of the transmission line. Substation equipment accident of 695, after 10 years of pollution flashover accident frequency in general than in the past ten years have increased again. With the increase of number of accidents is outstanding, not only for and show the area is expanding and its severity. Pollution flashover is a regional problem. Its salient features are high at the same time, the probability of multipoint tripping. Probability less insulation, tripping the more and the less overlap rate. Several times of power substation equipment, overlap most failure. Overlap bad * * existence means that the fault, and more failure means more power lose power, or even cause the accident of large area. The characteristics of pollution flashover, is caused by the particularity of its own. A large and medium-sized substation, for the insulation of the equipment is about several hundred to thousands of branches; And the transformer substation into line, line is several to dozens of tens or hundreds of square kilometers of areas around. Atmospheric pollution is almost similar, fog, snow, drizzle wet weather conditions is almost the same. Once a pollution flashover trip, suggests that this region is almost the same individuals are hundreds or thousands of composite insulator is in a state of the critical pollution flashover trip. A tripping and reclosing action, will also cause the oscillation, near flashover equipment and more than bear the role of an operating overvoltage, the device is in a state of more adverse. Especially when the equipment is more external insulation ability to resist pollution flashover is far lower than the actual polluted degree requirements, tend to cause regional large area pollution flashover accident. Pollution flashover accident of power loss, as well as the cost of national economy is remarkable. Late 1989 and early 1990, large area pollution flashover across provinces and cities in our country, especially of 500 kv line tripping, has drawn great attention of the power sector, has put a lot of manpower and material resources to solve the problem of the pollution flashover the power transmission and transformation equipment, also received a considerable effect, for the power system of pollution flashover trip rate and the accident rate in decline for several years. But, by the end of 1996 to early 1997, the national large area pollution flashover occurred again. We once again to recognize the seriousness of the large area and anti pollution flashover of long-term and arduous work. 【 On a message: 10 kv overhead line high voltage insulator application 】 【 Composite insulator technology dynamic 】 a message:
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