High voltage insulator mandrel test

by:Mings     2020-04-30
High voltage insulator mandrel test B. 1. 1 light fluoroscopy put high voltage insulator mandrel in a groove of the desktop, the desktop, the installation of lighting fluorescent lamp, the light should be on the mandrel. If high voltage insulator mandrel interior with black impurity, air bubble, crack, joint section, should be removed. B。 1. 2 water absorption test according to GB / 1 '5134 by experiment method, the water absorption B should comply with the regulations. 1. 3 B dry power frequency withstand voltage test. 1. 3. 1 ready to try the high voltage insulator product from the production line, with a diamond saw blade along the axis of rods into 90 & other; The direction of the Angle, the interception of different voltage grade one by one the length of high voltage insulator products required. B。 1. 3. 2 test voltage for each high voltage insulator applied 80% power frequency flashover voltage value respectively. B。 1. 3. 3 test procedure according to gb/T 775. 2 test method, applying rules of each composite insulator, withstand voltage value of voltage under this last 15 minob. 1. 3. 4 criteria if hv insulator samples with local fever, is not qualified. B。 1. 4 B lightning impulse withstand voltage test. 1. 4. 1 sample with a diamond saw blade along the axis of rods into 900 under the direction of the cutting Angle five samples, each sample length to 1 om and 0. 5m 。 On both ends of the section with 180 mesh fine sand cloth lighting, two ends should be clean and parallel. B。 1. 4. 2 test voltage for each high voltage insulator ShiJiaZheng polarity lightning impulse withstand voltage of 90 kv respectively. B。 1. 4. 3 the sample test procedure in the parallel plate electrodes, to prevent the sample along the surface flashover, test should be performed in the transformer oil, or take other creepage flashover prevention methods, such as increasing creepage distance. Then according to GB/T16927. 1 test method, the withstand voltage value of the five samples each 5 times. B。 1. 4. Four criteria in the lightning impulse withstand test, if the sample appear breakdown, are not qualified. B。 1. 5 B suspension insulator tensile strength test. 1. 5. 2 high voltage insulator test procedure with proper solvent soak cloth wipe the joint between the end and the sample jacket clamping surface, measuring the sample diameter and range, and its accuracy of measurement should comply with the regulations of GB/T1446. Sample card, make the axis of the sample with the upper and lower chuck line overlap, deformation on measuring instrument. About 5% of the collapse load applied, first check and adjust the sample and deformation or strain measuring system, make its in normal working condition. Then the continuous load to the sample. B。 1. 5. Three criteria with the number of effective samples less than 5, should redo the test. Damage, damage strength should be not less than 1000 mpao 【 On a message: high voltage insulator mechanical damage load test 】 【 The next message: insulator failure characteristics and NDT 】
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