High voltage insulator market development

by:Mings     2020-04-28
High voltage insulator market development condition 1, electric power industry reform and sustainable development will ensure insulator arrester will develop steadily insulator arrester industry market in & quot; 15 & quot; There will be a bigger development, during is better progressly, embodies the following aspects: ( 2) Urban and rural power grid construction and renovation will continue to promote the steady development of the insulator arrester industry city power grid construction and renovation is still the main driver of industry market development. ( 3) The three gorges project construction will promote the development of insulator arrester industry still progress 2, the development of related products for the development of the industry product opportunity along with our country market economy to develop in the direction of depth, users in their own innovation at the same time, and performance requirements of product will increase further, requires ongoing technological innovation industry enterprises to adapt to the needs of the development of related industries, and the development of related industries also bring opportunities to the industry. Such as high voltage switch industry, ultra-high voltage circuit breaker ( Including the GIS) To the development of SF6, so we should pay attention to the development of the space of the industry; To adapt to the transformer industry supporting products & quot; Transformer and power station with the compound dry wall casing with its high reliability destinations for users; The development of domestic electric railways prompted the development of high voltage insulator products. 3, high reliability, less ( Exemption) WeiHuXing product market demand will increase sharply for the construction of the unified national joint power grid will appear more ultra-high voltage transmission lines and possible uhv line, therefore, to seek the - is safe and reliable and can be less maintenance ( Or free maintenance) Insulator is engaged in transmission line of scientific research design operators dream goal, whether workers from increase or implement the state overhaul, state has important significance. Of composite insulators in uhv power transmission in China is a very important and irreplaceable, and completely can contend with porcelain insulator and display the advantage status. It with small volume, light weight, high strength, resistance to heavy impurity and cleaning maintenance is convenient wait for a unique advantages as high voltage transmission line of a new generation of products. Uhv composite insulator weight was only about 10% of the porcelain insulator string, even lighter, significantly reduced the burden of the tower, but also can make interval rods, compressed line corridors. Composite insulator can be well pollution resistant, long and short insulator string can be *, reduce the size of the tower, largely exempt from impurity cleaning and zero detection of huge workload, make the line maintenance more simple, reliable operation. The damage of composite insulator in mandrel & quot; Brittle fracture & quot; * is outstanding, the so-called & quot; Brittle fracture & quot; Refers to the humid atmosphere in the discharge of acid immersion mandrel after glass fiber fracture. So should enhance the acid corrosion resistance of mandrel. The loss of composite insulator hydrophobic and restore also needs further research. Capacitive compound dry wall is a new type of capacitive wall casing pipe, the new type insulation material is used in the main insulation, external insulation using high-performance vulcanization silicone rubber, has excellent oil resistant ability and explosion-proof performance, also conforms to the power sector without oil, the development trend of miniaturization, is to meet the urban and rural power grid upgrading needs of a new generation of high voltage products. 4, make the market more competitive with the economic globalization of China's accession to wto, the continuous development of information and network technology, the national boundary, industry boundary has been broken, economic globalization is the trend of The Times, can't stop. To improve China's international trade environment, expand exports, attract foreign investment, the introduction of better technology and equipment, the development of international economic and technical cooperation, to speed up the pace of reform and opening up, promote the perfection of the socialist market economy system in China, to improve the international status of our country, has very important significance. However, while enjoying rights at the same time, must undertake the duty of the wto's rules. Further open the market of our country, it will influence the development of some enterprises. Wto to our country's current power industry is more or less, challenge is greater than the opportunity. To expand the international and domestic market, the key is for our enterprises to increase technical reserves, and improve the capacity for independent development and comprehensive strength. At present, our product price has an advantage of the industry, the key is how to achieve technical superiority, which try to achieve the same level in quality and reliability, the high-voltage lines porcelain insulator production current deficiency is putting more, small size, most of the manual operation, coal down-draft kiln firing, manufactured, and qualified rate is low, the high cost, serious resource waste, competing demand an interest. Raw material market is not standardized and directly affect the stability of product quality. For high voltage grade insulator models should pay attention to the sealing and flashover. Therefore * * standard in terms of standards in line with international standards as soon as possible. In setting standards to bold innovation, dare to put forward strict international standards in the content and * * standard requirements, to adapt to the fast changing market requirements, provide more brand-name products. The fierce competition in the domestic market at the same time, we should turn to foreign markets. Into the Middle East ( For example, the united Arab emirates, Iran, Iraq, etc. ) It is one of direction. Currently in the Middle East as a comparison to our country product, and in politics and China close to this area, so the Middle East is a huge potential market, more can radiation in Western Europe and Africa and other regions, is worth us to develop. Southeast Asia ( Such as India, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. ) Is our traditional export market, after the Asian financial crisis, in southeast Asian countries economy picks up. These * * densely populated, power need to vigorously develop, particularly in India, it is the second largest developing * * in the world today, we should consolidate and develop. 【 On a message: high voltage insulator fault precautions 】 【 The next message: composite insulator and porcelain insulator than advantage where 】
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