High voltage insulator mechanical load test

by:Mings     2020-05-01
High voltage insulator mechanical damage load test random three high voltage insulator mandrel, the length of each high voltage insulator samples shall not be less than 800 mm. High voltage insulator samples on both ends of the connection area should be the same as the normal production process adopted by the, mandrel intermediate above the surface of the part with 180 mesh fine gauze grinding smooth, three high voltage insulator sample polishing parts installed around the window of a polyethylene or other acid medium acid container, make acid can easily into the container, and do not contact with the end of metal accessories. Acid acid of the size of the container used should be surrounded by making sample thickness not less than the lem, height less than 5 cm. Containers should be end cover, to make the evaporation capacity of acid volume during the test no more than 5% B. 1. 6. 2 test procedure at 20 ℃ and 50 c temperature, effect of soaking in acid to dissolve the three high voltage insulator samples on 67% of the rated mechanical tensile load. This tension load should be quickly and smoothly from zero to scheduled load values. Immediately after loading IN containers acid injection IN the concentration of nitric acid ( The water injection 63 g or 937 g of pure nitric acid) 。 Keep the load after 96 h mechanical tensile failure load tests are carried out. Not soaked in acid containers on three samples, each 67% of the rated mechanical tensile load, and maintain the 96 h, then mechanical tensile failure load tests are carried out. B。 1. 6. 3 criteria if soaked in acid containers only hv insulator samples within 96 h does not appear rupture, does not appear crack in acid soak place; Mechanical damage when load value is greater than the rated mechanical load, the mechanical damage of any of the above three composite insulator sample tensile load difference should be not greater than 10%, the average of mandrel by resistance to stress corrosion test and contrast test. B。 2 mechanical load & ndash; Time to test and metal accessories and insulated protection suite interface permeability test by DL T - 810 5 in 2002. Article 4 the test method stipulated in the. B。 3 validation of metal accessories and umbrella cover interface permeability and verify the rated mechanical load test according to the DL rF - 810 5 in 2002. As provided for in article 3 of the test method. B。 4 mechanical load test B. 4. 1 high voltage insulator ready to try a random sample from production line suspension insulator testing, if the high voltage insulator creepage distance is less than 800 mm, the test result only with the insulator of insulation distance not greater than the subjects effectively. If the insulation of the high voltage insulator distance is greater than 800 mm, can produce try to test, but try to taste the insulation of the distance is not less than 800 mm, the subjects of insulator connection area should be the same as adopted by the normal production. B。 4. The sample (s) 2 test procedure for applying tension load. This tension load should be smoothly quickly rose from zero to about 75% of the expected mechanical failure load of rods, and then in the 30 s - S time increased to 90 damage. * after the sample (s) calculation of the average damage load value and standard deviation s x' On a message: high voltage insulator power frequency voltage test. 【 A message: under high voltage insulator mandrel test 】
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