High voltage insulator operation and maintenance

by:Mings     2020-04-30
High voltage insulator 10 operation and maintenance. 1 document operation unit shall establish high voltage insulator file. Archives including high voltage insulator manufacturing unit, production date, type, model, main technical parameters, hanging net running time, line number, name, tower, running environment, tour, regular inspection, test, accident treatment, degradation and other content. 10. 2 patrol patrol cycle high voltage insulator and porcelain, glass high voltage insulator are the same. Combining with the line maintenance, each 2 - Three years of study on rod inspection, inspection no stampede when hv insulator umbrella cover. In the polluted area ( Such as phosphate, cement, paper pulp, such as lime, chemical refining factory near) Should strengthen the patrol. 11. 3 test evaluation criterion if the sample (s) only a discrepancy in the BHB 1 any item in paragraphs 2 to 5, should be in the same batch of products of double sampling test may be repeated. If * try an experiment with more than one product is unqualified or still have a try in the repeat test is unqualified, this batch of composite insulator sentences is unqualified. 11. 4 11 detection requirements. 4. 1 hydrophobic hydrophobic test results of determination is not based on a test results, should be integrated to identify multiple measurements. Operation of high voltage insulator hydrophobic HC level rule for umbrella skirt surface measurements. If high voltage insulator under the umbrella skirt surface equivalent salt density greater than zero. 6 mg/cm2, should be cleaned, and water. Placed 96 h after cleaning, water measurement, if return to HC5 magnitude hierarchical levels can continue to run, otherwise should quit from the operation. 11. 4. Two different testing cycle, mechanical properties of composite insulator should be according to the requirements of each batch the random sampling number is tasted, mechanical tensile failure load tests are carried out. Operation of 8 - 10 years each batch of high voltage insulator should be random sampling 3 try to taste only mechanical tensile failure load tests are carried out. Patrol time as shown and the observation of phenomena or check: a) In rain, fog, dew and snow weather conditions such as high pressure on the surface of the insulator and the situation of partial discharge increase water performance is reduced or absent; b) Silicon detector; Isz umbrella cover surface for pitting, tracking, dendritic discharge or electric arc burns; c) Whether any hardening, embrittlement, pulverization, cracking and other phenomena; d) Bonding between umbrella skirt for deformation, umbrella skirt part ever come unglued phenomenon such as; e) Have obvious slip side bare hardware connection, check the seal for damage; f) Or steel cap rusting steel foot, bending steel foot, arc burning, locking pin lack. Observation or inspection results shall be recorded on file. 10. 3 maintain 10. 3. 1 general requirements for clean area and general filth region of high voltage insulator type, when the surface hydrophobic has not been * * disappears, it shall not be clean; When the hydrophobic * * disappears, the corresponding maintenance measures should be taken. For heavy industry and salinity pollution area of high voltage insulator, when loss of surface hydrophobic, suggest to replace. Umbrella skirt in the operation of the high voltage insulator by external or fire damage, if a foreign body found embedded in high voltage insulator sheath or endanger the mandrel, sheath damaged should be replaced as soon as possible. If found on individual umbrella skirt only minor damage, and no influence on electrical properties of high voltage insulator, it is not replaced. 10. 3. If 2 replacement appears one of the following conditions, can determine the high-voltage insulator failure, should be replaced. a) Umbrella cover embrittlement, pulverization, or burst; b) Umbrella cover in tracking and erosion, and the total length of more than 10% of the high voltage insulator creepage distance or pitting depth greater than 3% of the location of material thickness; c) High voltage insulator the connection parts seal failure, cracks and slip; d) After the flashover arc burn the surface of the umbrella skirt high-voltage insulator. 10. 4 other tower besmear brushs antirust paint, high-voltage insulator to baffle, avoid the paint onto the surface of high voltage insulator. Early outer wedge connection structure of high voltage insulator found in mechanical strength decreased, in the operation of the proposal of the high voltage insulator to strengthen monitoring on a regular basis. 【 On a message: high voltage insulator hydrophobic 】 【 The next message: high voltage insulator acceptance 】
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