High voltage insulator power frequency ac withstand voltage test, run test - since the explosion of the insulator High voltage insulator, composite insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-01
Second, insulator power frequency ac withstand voltage test ac withstand voltage test is insulator electric strength judgment is an effective and direct, * * * authority. Handover testing must be carried out during the test. Preventive test, ac withstand voltage test can substitute for zero insulator testing and measuring insulation resistance, or use it to * after the judgment in the detection of the insulator. For post insulator unit parts, ac withstand voltage test is effective, * * a simple test method. All levels of voltage ac withstand voltage test voltage value of the post insulator, such as table 4 & ndash; 2. Pillar insulator for 35 kv pin type ac withstand voltage test voltage value; Two bonding elements, each element of 50 kv; Three agglutination elements, each element is 34 kv. For disc suspension insulator, mechanical failure load is 60 ~ 300 kn were take 60 kv ac withstand voltage test voltage value. ( 1) The scope of the ac withstand voltage test is for porcelain, toughened glass, composite insulator. : the purpose of measuring voltage distribution is used to measure the method and the method of measuring insulation resistance insulation defective insulator or insulator string, suitable for single piece of porcelain insulator applied voltage to a certain period of time, can effectively find the subjects internal defects, the pressure test is a test of insulator * effective test method. ( 2) It is recommended to use ac withstand voltage test equipment level of 100 kv high voltage test equipment. ( 3) Plate type suspension insulator pressure test voltage standard flow. The mechanical load is 60 ~ 300 kn type plate suspension insulator take 60 kv ac withstand voltage test voltage. 1. Ac withstand voltage test criterion ( 1) According to test standard pressure lmin, flashover in the process of pressure and pressure is not qualified. ( 2) In 3 ~ 5 kv/s pressure speed up to the standard test voltage, if abnormal discharge, the subjects of composite insulator flashover, voltage meter pointer swing is very big, should be judged not qualified. 2. Attention (ac withstand voltage test 1) Found in pressure or pressure process were overheated, breakdown, flashover, abnormal discharge, voltmeter pointer swung, shall be immediately disconnect the power supply. ( 2) Shard on sand ground potential participants insulator plate, insulator steel foot end should be connected on the testing transformer high-voltage terminal. ( 3) On subjects should be numbered in the insulator installation order, record pole number, are not, single chip number, temperature, humidity, air pressure and pressure test results. Three, operation of high voltage insulator after blasting tests ( 1) Toughened glass insulator explosive reason analysis and judgement: 1) Glass containing impurities and nodules, if the distribution layer, tension can occur in a relatively short time 30 ~ 60 days since the explosion, can be judged to be the cause of the explosion. 2) Toughened glass insulator for containing impurities in operation, and tension distribution and outer layer, namely in the condition of cold and hot temperature difference, especially when it cools, and under the stable mechanical load, since the explosion happens within 1 ~ 2 years, can be judged to be running condition quality reason of explosive. 3) Due to surface area in the operation of the toughened glass insulator pollution is serious, be affected with damp be affected with damp caused by partial discharge or monolithic creepage cause fever, cause insulation to drop, and explosive can be judged zero since the explosion. ( 2) Since the toughened glass insulator after blasting cap is the purpose of the test detected with batch of toughened glass insulator since blasting machine load to bear ability, this paper analyzes the reasons of explosive. ( 3) The residual cap can choose horizontal static tensile test bench for testing. ( 4) Residual cap tension tests recommended value: value measurement should be greater than the 70% of the rated mechanical load toughened glass insulator. Less than the recommended value to monitor the batch of toughened glass insulator. ( 5) Toughened glass insulator explosive, should pay attention to collect operation environment, temperature, humidity and density of salt, and found that the time of explosive, deal with micro terrain analysis when necessary. 【 On a message: temporary loss of sheath of hv insulator umbrella skirt hydrophobic judgement, in the operation of the test of composite insulator 】 【 The next message: method for measuring insulation resistance of the composite insulator, composite insulator insulation resistance qualified standard 】
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