High voltage insulator power frequency voltage test

by:Mings     2020-04-28
High voltage insulator power frequency voltage test B. 5 small thickness of sheath * check B. 5. 1 try from mechanical damage after load test of insulator in good part of the extraction. B。 5. 2 test procedure, each high voltage insulator take three section, measure the open section of mandrel * small thickness of sheath. DL/T864 a 2004 b. 5. 3 criteria * small thickness of not less than 3 mmo5 00 kv voltage class is not less than 4. 5 mmo visible corona test according to GB / 1775. 2 - In 1987 the provisions of chapter 9 test, its technical indicators can be negotiated by both parties of supply and demand. Radio interference test in accordance with the provisions of the JB/T3567 test, its technical indicators should meet the 4. The requirements of article 5. B。 8 artificial defile the power frequency voltage test of high voltage insulator contamination test method shall be in accordance with the provisions of the DL/T859. B。 Nine power frequency arc tests according to the test method stipulated in the DLJT 812. B。 B 10 wet power frequency withstand voltage test. 10. 1 the general provisions of high voltage insulator high voltage insulator tests of general conditions should comply with GB / 1775. 2 - The provisions of chapter 2 in 1987. The test voltage shall be in accordance with the GB/T775. 2 - 2 in 1987. 2. Article 4 the correction. B。 10. 2 try and try to install in accordance with 75 G BM. 2 - Chapter 3 of the regulation in 1987. B。 10. 3 trials program high voltage insulator, composite insulator prepared three clean first try put in containers of water are after 96 h, placed in according to GB/T775 immediately. 2 - 2 in 1987. The provisions of article 3 has adjust good artificial rain device in the rain, the characteristic of the sample (s) to be predicted in the rain after 15 min, about 75% of the test voltage, then per second rate to rise to about 2% of the test voltage withstand voltage, keep lmin. Then quickly return voltage, but should not suddenly blocking voltage. B。 10. 4 high voltage insulator flashover criteria not or dielectric breakdown. 【 On a message: high voltage insulator operation impulse withstand voltage test. 【 A message: under high voltage insulator mechanical damage load test 】
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