High voltage insulator safe transport and storage - The test items of high voltage insulator, and high voltage insulator, composite insulator, lightning protection pillar insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-02
One end of the high voltage wires hung up the many disc insulators, in order to increase the creepage distance, it is usually made of glass or ceramic call insulator. In order to prevent dust and other impurity in the high voltage insulator surface adhesion, forming pathway was breakdown voltage on both ends of the high-voltage insulator, namely creepage. Therefore, increasing the surface distance, namely the creepage distance, the distance along the insulation surface discharge the leakage distance call creepage distance. Creepage distance = surface distance / * high voltage system. According to different degree of impurity and heavy impurity region generally adopts the creepage distance is 31 mm/kv. Zero at the ends of the insulator is in operation of insulator potential distribution of insulator in close to zero or equal to zero. Zero or low insulator: the influence of the insulation of the line conductor depends on the insulator string, due to manufacturing defect or role of the outside world, the insulation of the high voltage insulator performance will continue to degradation, when insulation resistance lower or equal to zero is called the minimum or zero insulator. We have to test the circuit, and the proportion of zero or low insulator was about 9%. Can reduce the wire between the capacitive reactance effect, so as to reduce the loss of the current. What are the test items of high voltage insulator? ( 1) Measure the voltage distribution. Generally 1 ~ 3 years, a high voltage insulator string in the normal and faulty cases, different voltage distribution, defective high-voltage insulator smaller than normal voltage, the voltage transfer to normal insulation on the components of its insulation performance can be identified by measuring the voltage distribution. ( 2) Insulation resistance test. Suspension insulator once every 1 ~ 3 years, with the 5000 v megohmmeter every piece of insulator measuring the resistance value is not less than 300 m & Omega; 。 ( 3) High frequency withstand voltage test once every 1 ~ 3 years. High voltage insulator safe transport and storage of high voltage insulator often occurs in the use of certain failure and accidents, analysis and understanding of the need to be full, timely solve the problems and ensure high voltage insulator play an important role and value in use. When there is a high voltage insulator failure, according to certain rules and methods to solve and repair, give full play to the important role and value. To introduce the following high voltage insulator in the event of a failure of solution and prevention methods, to protect high voltage insulator in the use of good value and efficiency: although construction as well as the problems arising in the course of transportation and storage, does not affect the safety of power grid operation, but also its potential influence should not be underestimated. Can't rule out there may be some improper construction and transportation, damage of high voltage insulator has run online, brittle fracture has occurred cannot be ruled out the high voltage insulator, and whether some because of damaged caused by construction. So, its countermeasure is to prevent and replacement, * to further standardize the transportation and storage of composite insulator and the construction measures, strict quality inspection before the Internet, has damaged hv insulator must not be allowed access to the Internet; Secondly to surf the Internet regularly patrol inspection operation of high voltage insulator, found mandrel damaged insulator change in time. Bird pecking injury and damage of the plug will affect the high voltage insulator in the use of good value and function, so often in the use of high voltage insulator examination, to prevent the occurrence of important lead to high voltage insulator for a different reason of failure. When appear this kind of failure according to certain ways and methods to solve, to ensure good usability and value of insulator. Since 2005, in the interregional power grid transmission line maintenance and operation, were repeatedly found the bird pecked the injury situation. Bird droppings flashover of flashover accident in second place, accounts for about 29%, every year because some of the reasons for such an accident, need special attention. In the five major power grid has occurred, in the eastern part of the western inland and coastal. General from the surface of the umbrella skirt and judging whether under the tower with guano remnants, should according to the laws of the activity and migration of birds around to determine. Major risk from bird guano flashover of instantaneous discharge, adopting the top cross arm installed, the top of the composite insulator with a thorn, only big umbrella plate of porcelain insulator, etc. , have a good effect. 【 Get wet in the rain on a message: the amount of composite insulator glaze ice effect 】 【 Under a message: all kinds of high voltage insulator suitable place, why low line insulator installation 】
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