High voltage insulator should be paid attention to in line

by:Mings     2020-05-02
What should be paid attention to high voltage insulator in the circuit dc overhead line compared with communication overhead line, in the aspect of the design and calculation of the mechanical structure, no significant difference. But in terms of electrical, has many different characteristics, the need for special study. For the construction of the uhv dc transmission lines, especially need to attach importance to the research of the following three aspects: 1. Corona effect of dc transmission line under normal operation conditions allow wires to happen a certain degree of corona discharge, which will produce a corona loss, the electric field effect, radio interference and audible noise, etc. , lead to the operation of the dc transmission loss and environmental impact. Uhv engineering due to their high voltage, if poorly designed, the corona effects may be larger than the ultrahigh pressure engineering. Based on the research of the uhv dc corona characteristics, reasonable choose wire type and high voltage insulator string, hardware assembly type, reduce the corona effect, reduce the running loss and impact on the environment. 2. Insulation coordination insulation coordination of dc power transmission project investment and operation level has great impact on the project. As a result of the dc transmission & other; The electrostatic dust collection effect & throughout; , high-voltage insulator and pollution flashover and the characteristics of the product of communication is different, the resulting filth discharge is more serious than ac, rational selection of dc line insulation coordination are very important to improve the level of operation. Because of uhv dc transmission is * in the world, the existing test data and research results at home and abroad is very limited, so it is necessary for insulation coordination problem of ultra high voltage direct current, in-depth research. 3. Electromagnetic environment effects using uhv dc transmission, to achieve a wider range of optimal allocation of resources, improve the utilization rate of the transmission corridor and protect the environment, no doubt is of great significance. But compared with ultra-high pressure engineering, uhv dc transmission project with high voltage, large wire, high tower, single line corridors, and other characteristics, wide back its electromagnetic environment and & plusmn; 500 kv dc lines have certain difference, the resulting environmental impact is bound to the attention of the society from all walks of life. At the same time, the composite insulator project of uhv dc electromagnetic environment is closely related to the wire type, height of wiring, etc. Therefore, a careful study of uhv dc transmission electromagnetic environment influence, for engineering construction to meet environmental protection requirements and reduce cost is very important. What are the basic types of dc transmission line? In terms of its basic structure, dc transmission line can be divided into overhead lines, cable lines and overhead & ndash; — Three types of cable hybrid lines. Dc overhead line because of its simple structure, low costing, high utilization rate of corridor and low dissipation operation, convenient maintenance, and satisfies the requirement of large capacity, long distance transmission characteristics, get more and more applied in the power grid construction. Dc transmission line usually adopt dc overhead line, therefore, only on overhead lines limited occasions to consider adopting cable line. 【 On a message: composite insulator material characteristics 】 【 Composite insulator production craft 】 a message:
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