High voltage insulator technical standards and specifications

by:Mings     2020-05-01
High voltage insulator technical standards and specifications high voltage insulator in addition to the requirements and drawings provided in the technical specifications, shall comply with the following standard * new version. ( See table 2) Table 2 high voltage insulator products to meet the main standard serial number # 1 GB 311 standard name. 1 - 1997 high voltage power transmission and transformation equipment insulation coordination of 2 GB/T 775. 1 ~ 775. 3 - Test method for high voltage insulator 3 GB/T 1987-4056 1994 high voltage line insulators connected structure size 4 GB/T 19519 - 2004 nominal voltage above 1000 v ac overhead line with composite insulator & ndash; — Definitions, test methods and acceptance standards JB/T 3384-5 1999 high voltage line high voltage insulator sample plan JB/T 3567-6 1999 hv insulator radio interference test method for JB/T 8177-7 1999 hv insulator metal accessories galvanizing layer general technical conditions of JB/T 8178-8 Suspension insulator iron cap 1999 technical conditions of JB/T 8181-9 1999 high voltage insulator string element ball and socket connection with locking pin JB/T 9673-10 1999 hv insulator product packaging JB/T 9677-11 1999 disc suspension insulator steel foot DL/T 557-12 2005 high voltage line insulator steep shock resistance test DL/T 864-13 2004 nominal voltage is higher than 1000 v ac overhead line used composite insulator guideline JB/T 8460-14 1996 high-voltage lines using bar type suspension composite insulator dimensions and characteristics this article source: over-voltage protector at http://www. fxbw4。 com/ 【 On a message: inner insulation requirements of composite insulator technology core rod 】 【 The next message: different type testing high voltage insulator 】
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