High voltage insulator terms and definitions

by:Mings     2020-05-01
High voltage insulator 3 terms and definitions. 1 equalizing device uniformity voltagefi tting perfectly on the metal accessories, a device can improve the potential distribution of high voltage insulator, while protecting the metal accessories, mandrel and umbrella cover not arc burns, second also can protect the metal accessories area on both ends for tracking and erosion leads to the destruction of the sealing performance. Pressure equalizing device can be bad, the equalizing arc ring or the polymer of the semiconductor devices. 3. 2 bar hanging high voltage insulator ordty pec ompositein sulators rod body and umbrella set composed of two or more insulation combination bar suspension insulator. 3. 3 h ydorlysis hydrolysate of high voltage insulator components due to water or water vapor in contact into effect, the internal chemical changes. This change could lead to a decline in electronic or mechanical properties. 3. 4 hydrophobic hydorphobicity a kind of solid material surface properties, water in hydrophobic solid surface is a state of mutual separation of water droplets or water droplets, rather than a continuous water film or water. Degradation is a ging high-voltage insulator is apparent in the umbrella cover material to harden and become fragile, pulverization, crack and craze, mark, dendritic channels, pitting, hydrophobic fallen: insulator in seal failure, local heating and the phenomenon of mechanical strength decreased obviously. 3. 6 hydrophobic migration transferenceo fh ydorphobicity monk umbrella skirt is sheathed on the surface water pollution, after pass own monk water-based fouling layer and it still has the monk water-based phenomenon itself. 3. Loss of 7 hydrophobic and restore lossa NDR ecoveryo fh ydorphobicity clean or unclean sheath of hv insulator umbrella skirt of hydrophobic weakened under the effect of some external factors, external factors stop working after its hydrophobic natural recovery. 3. 8 hydrophobic migration time. Meo fh ydorphobicity transference hydrophobic migration characteristics of high voltage insulator from blur to test or measured by the number of time, after this period of time, the fouling layer on the surface of the high voltage insulator has a degree of hydrophobic. 3. 9 flame retardancy flammabiilty umbrella cover material in the fire burning. 3. 10 interchangeability interchangeability is refers to the high ability to replace porcelain insulator, glass insulator, including mechanical, electrical properties and size in three aspects. 3. 11 * small distance between umbrella ( C) Minimums pacingo FSH Ed means with the same diameter of adjacent big umbrella, umbrella above a drop of water margin umbrella * low down an umbrella on the surface of the perpendicular line length. * C value reflects the small distance between umbrella or in high humidity weather in under the action of uncleanness, and at the same time two adjacent umbrella put bridge. 3. 12 creepage coefficient ( C。 F) Creepagec oefficient CF is the design of the overall size of insulator creepage coefficient parameters, the total creepage distance refers to the insulator and insulator along the air discharge * the ratio of the distance between two electrodes. 3. 13 resistance to stress corrosion mandrel stressa nda cidr esistantc ore in 20 0 c and 5 ℃ and 1 n concentration of nitric acid in the liquid, in 67% of the rated mechanical tensile load after 96 h, mandrel in acid soak place does not appear crack, machinery failure load value is greater than the rated load value of mandrel 【 On a message: high voltage insulator technical requirements] 【 The next message: composite insulator normative reference file 】
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