High voltage insulator test classification

by:Mings     2020-04-30
High voltage insulator test category 3. High voltage insulator mechanical load rating (16 SML) Specifiedm echanicallo AD high voltage insulator mechanical load rating is used in the mechanical test of this international standard shall be prescribed by the manufacturer of a load of 3. 17 each test load ( RTL) Routinet estlo AD test load is individually in each mechanical test ( See eight. 3) To all the assembly during good composite insulator are applying load. 4 test category 4. 1 design experiment design to verify the design, materials and manufacturing methods ( Process) Whether it's appropriate. When a high voltage insulator design experiment was carried out, the result should think about the whole class of composite insulator are valid, the high voltage insulator representative by the subjects of this kind of insulator, and has the following features: & ndash; Have the same core rod, the umbrella cover material and manufacturing method, Process) The same; — The same attachment material, the same design and same adherent method; — Umbrella cover on the core rod material layer thickness ( Including the umbrella set) adopted by the The same or larger; — * high system voltage is the same as the ratio of the composite insulator length or smaller; — All the mechanical load and the ratio of the small diameter mandrel * between the two attachment is the same or smaller; — Mandrel diameter equal to or larger tested high voltage insulator should be made according to drawings marked with all the size tolerance after inspection, if the design of high voltage insulator child data changes is small, no more than use & other; 2 & throughout; 15% of the number shows the characteristics of value, the design does not need to repeat test. 4. 2 high voltage insulator type testing type testing to verify the main characteristics of composite insulator, the main properties depend on its shape and size. Type testing of composite insulator by the designed test type only when the type of composite insulator or material change the type testing should be repeated. 4. 3 sampling test sample try other hydrophobic county in order to verify the high voltage insulator characteristics, other enclosed depends on manufacturing quality and properties of the materials used. It from submitted to GB/T 19519 - 2004 acceptance of composite insulator on the group of randomly selected in the insulator. 4. 4 one by one test in this test is used to remove the compound insulator manufacturing defect, it to submit the acceptance of each composite insulator. 【 The next message: ceramic insulator technical specification 】
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