High voltage insulator testing standards

by:Mings     2020-04-30
High voltage insulator standard high voltage insulator shall be borne by a mechanical load test the insulation of the mandrel and coated with polymer umbrella cover, mechanical load through the metal accessories is passed on to the mandrel. In spite of these common characteristics, different manufacturers use of materials and adopts the details of the structure is still a big difference. Part of the test to together as & other; Design test & throughout; That test was carried out on the design conditions of the same insulator only once. In fact, time of insulator parts ( FRP rod materials, umbrella cover, interface, etc. ) And the whole electrical and mechanical properties of high voltage insulator has considered the influence of the design of a specified tests, to ensure that the transmission line under normal load conditions are ideal life. Contamination test didn't include in this standard, because of the porcelain insulator test method usually does not apply to high voltage insulator. Within the service life of the high voltage insulator, even if the filthy conditions its electric strength will reduce, but as long string of right, the withstand voltage and flashover voltage, in most cases, is still enough to meet the requirements of running. High voltage insulator surface aging influence on filth discharge, have been included in a long time test ( Mark and erosion test) In the. This standard does not consider the arc test as a mandatory test, and because of the transmission network structure and the design of arc protection devices, there are many very different numerical parameters. Arc test has showed on a variety of high voltage insulator arc will not reduce the mechanical strength of mandrel, umbrella set of materials performance as well as no * * sex change. In the design of metal accessories should consider the effect of heat produced by arc. To be continued short-circuit current, may cause damage to end attachment, should have the appropriate arc protection device design. This standard does not reject the agreement between the user and manufacturer to test the possibility of arc arc test in the test procedure and standard method in IEC 61467 ( 2 kinds of technical report) 。 So far, in a limited number of specific structure of the composite insulator on the mechanism of brittle fracture are still in research. Therefore, the test program is not specified at this stage. In some cases, Such as filth or corona) , can consider equalizing device installed in the high voltage insulator. Join part cannot completely free rotation of the insulator torsion resistance test is not included in this standard. This standard modified using IEC 61109:1992 '00 nominal voltage is higher than 10 v communication overhead line with high voltage insulator & ndash; Definition, test methods and acceptance criteria and modify a 1 in 1995. The content of the modified parts have been directly in the human body, and the margin in the body with vertical double ( 我} ) Logo. This standard and TEC6 1109:1992 '00 nominal voltage is higher than 10 v communication overhead line with high voltage insulator & ndash; Definition, test methods and acceptance criteria and modify a 1 in 1995 technical difference with vertical single ( } ) Involved in the margin of the terms of the logo. Compared with, adds two test: & ndash; Design experiment increased the umbrella cover material tracking and electrical erosion resistance test; — Sampling test increases the steep wave front impulse withstand voltage test. Mainly takes into consideration the suspension insulator production status quo of our country and the operation requirements, and sums up the JB/T 89 2-5 Experience in the implementation of the 1991' High pressure on a message: transmission line insulator development 】 【 A message: under high voltage insulator operating impulse withstand voltage test.
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