High voltage insulator voltage distribution measurement method High voltage insulator voltage distribution, high voltage insulator, composite insulator, lightning protection pillar

by:Mings     2020-05-01
A, high voltage insulator voltage distribution because of each high voltage insulator metal parts and tower ( Ground) Between, there are stray capacitance between conductor, high voltage insulator in each high voltage insulator of actual voltage is not the same. Along the high voltage insulator voltage distribution is uneven, close to the wire of high voltage insulator voltage drop * big, far from the more wire of high voltage insulator on both ends of the smaller the pressure drop, when high voltage insulator near tower cross arm, high-voltage insulator voltage drop and rise. Insulator string length, the more voltage distribution is not uniform, more easy to cause the damage of some parts of the insulation. Second, the high voltage insulator voltage distribution measurement method to measure the voltage distribution tool has short circuit forks and compressive bar, capacitance resistance compressive bar, spark gap test bar, etc. 1, short-circuit fork it is to detect damage high-voltage insulator ( Also called zero insulator) * simple tools. Detection rod end fitted with a metal wire made of a fork, the short circuit at the end of the fork and the following 2 insulator steel cap contact, close to the measured while the other end of the 1 high voltage insulator steel cap, 1 and the air gap between the steel cap which sparks. High voltage insulator to be tested under the higher the voltage, the distribution of sparks appear earlier, and also the more the voice of the spark, so can be judged according to the discharge situation of high voltage insulator withstand voltage being measured. If the high voltage insulator to be measured is zero, not withstanding voltage, therefore, there is no spark. This rod can't measure the distribution of the voltage value, but you can check out the high voltage insulator zero value. When use, should be paid attention to when voltage level is low, 35 kv and below) Not caused by the spark gap discharge relatively flashover. 2, the resistance partial pressure rod, capacitance pressure rod when using resistance for 220 m & Omega; The insulation of the rod with the parallel, impedance values down to 50 m & Omega; , will lead to the error of about 20%, the need to pay attention to in the measurement. Near the strong electric field measurement, attention should be paid to the influence of the external electric field on the table reading, adopt proper anti-jamming measures as needed. ( a) Measuring two potential external connection; ( b) Measuring two potential internal connection; ( c) To measure a point potential external connection; ( d) Measuring a certain internal connection point potential if high voltage insulator pills potential difference of 0, the high voltage insulator or high voltage insulator to zero value. Should start from the bus end reads a microampere meter reading, in order to under, measured by number of microampere should be diminishing, such as a piece of high voltage insulator and a high voltage insulator on current value is the same, is the unique high pressure flange is zero insulator. Capacitive pressure rod and the resistance of compressive bar is similar, only string and bridge rectifier with resistance to microamps table, with one or a few series and can withstand the test of high voltage capacitor with a pointer in a small range of electrostatic voltmeter phase in series. When the capacitor of capacitance is small enough, by measuring the voltage distribution on the capacitor, so a small amount of voltmeter can measure several thousand to tens of thousands of volts. 3, spark gap detecting pole adjustable spark gap of the rod, its measurement is partly an adjustable discharge gap and a small amount of high voltage capacitor in series, inside the school in advance good discharge voltage value of the discharge gap, and marking on the index plate, rod can rotate on the machine. In this way, on the spot will be high voltage capacitor and discharge gap on both ends of the high-voltage insulator piece of series of parallel, turn the lever, change the discharge gap, until the discharge, can read corresponds to the clearance distance on the calibration board marked by the discharge voltage value. If a component on the distribution of voltage is lower than the standard value, and other adjacent components distribution voltage higher than the standard value, then the components may have defects. In order to prevent because of spark gap discharge nipple good insulation components caused by the relatively flashover, can use the series capacitance and spark gap after receiving probe. About 30 pf capacitance, and a capacitance values close to good suspension insulator. Because and capacitor in series of spark gap of only a few skin capacitance method ( pF) , so the existence of the capacitance basically did not reduce the effect on the clearance of the voltage being measured. This detection tools on the downside, moving electrode is easy to damage and deformation affected by temperature, discharge voltage testing results of dispersion, all of these make its detection accuracy is poorer, and measuring the intensity of labor is larger, when the time is longer, therefore, it is only used to examine measure, for detection of the zero insulator is effective. 【 On a message: composite insulator mandrel mechanical creep characteristic of composite insulator. 【 The next message: casing and the insulation of the high voltage insulator test method 】
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