High voltage line insulator normative reference file have?

by:Mings     2020-05-02
The terms of the high voltage line insulator normative reference file the following documents by the reference of this international standard as the provisions of this standard. Every note date reference documents, its all subsequent modification single ( Not including errata content) Or revised edition are not applicable to this standard, however, according to the agreement of the parties of this standard are encouraged to study whether can use the * new version of the file. Anyone who doesn't note date reference documents, its * new version is applicable to this standard. GB 311。 1 - 1997 high voltage power transmission and transformation equipment insulation coordination with the GB/T 775. 1 ~ 775. 3 - The test method of GB/T 4056-1987 insulator 1994 high voltage line insulators connected structure size of GB/T 19519 is higher than the nominal voltage 1000 v ac overhead line with composite insulator to define, test methods and acceptance criteria DL/T 557 - 2005 high voltage line insulator steep DL/T 864 - shock resistance test 2003 is higher than the nominal voltage 1000 v ac overhead line with JB/T 3384 high voltage composite insulator used guideline line insulator sample plan JB/T 8177 insulator metal accessories galvanizing layer general technical conditions of JB/T 8178 suspension insulator iron cap technology JB/T 8181 ball socket connection with locking pin insulator string element JB/T 9673 insulator product packaging JB/T 9677 disc steel suspension insulator feet high voltage line insulator normative reference file have? Provided by the high voltage insulator, for reference only, do not make any on the basis of the Composite insulator size deviation on a message: technical requirements 】 【 The next message: what is a composite post insulator 】
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