High voltage line with composite insulator was compared with the traditional insulator - Porcelain insulator, glass insulator, composite insulator, high-voltage insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-02
High voltage line with composite insulator was compared with the traditional insulator: ( A) Porcelain and glass insulator 1. Operating experience directly exposed to the environment at present most of the power system in the insulator is porcelain and glass insulator. This kind of insulator has more than 100 years of history. Operating experience shows that this material is to be able to fight against environmental aging, thus it * is widely used. Porcelain and glass insulator but it also has a large, bulky and heavy and fragile when loading and unloading, transportation, and the external force damage, under the condition of impurity easy flashover faults; This will make the system reliability were damaged. 2. Advantage ( 1) Stability ( 2) High mechanical strength, 3) Low cost of raw materials 3. Disadvantages ( 1) Easy to broken, 2) Heavy ( 3) The hollow coat run explosion ( 4) Limited pollution performance ( 5) The production and the delivery time long, 2) 1 composite insulator. Advantage ( 1) Light weight, 2) The filth of the excellent performance ( 3) The failure mode of hollow coat ( 4) Production and captured period ( 5) Increased resistance to savage destruction ( 6) To speed up the transmission line reconstruction, and reduce the cost of 2. Disadvantages ( 1) Will be affected by climate degradation ( 2) The high cost of raw materials ( 3) Life expectancy are collected, it is hard to gauge the paper is composed of high voltage insulator reprint please indicate the http://www. fxbw4。 com/ 【 On a message: the advantages of hydrophobic composite insulator, composite insulator 】 【 Under a message: the structure of the suspension insulator, transmission lines with suspension insulator, suspension insulator according to the classification of umbrella 】
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