High voltage switch tester 'output short circuit' or 'heavy load' processing method

by:Mings     2020-04-11
High voltage switch tester suggests 'the output short circuit or load is too big, please check the control wiring' shutdown problem analysis: ( 1) Control wiring error, causing the output short circuit instrument, cause short circuit protection function, instrument ', brake control power supply 'no output. The solution: turn it off after see the first article, 1 to check the wiring. ( 2) Field coil load is too large, the instrument to drive the solution: (1) for the electromagnetic switch, due to the requirements of the switch closing coil drive current is very big, Up to 100 a or a few hundred) Ann And the high voltage switch tester operation power supply * * * * * * on load capacity of 20 a. The load is too large, cannot normal driving instrument. Site is usually connected the closing line before the closing coil level switching contactor coil, instrument control switch contactor shut, driven by contactor switch closing coil, make the switch. Or switch to operate to adopt the way of 'trigger' closing. (2) for hydraulic and spring switch, as the instrument when the output current is greater than 6 a is the default value is 'heavy load'. Take a look at or use the multimeter measured the closing coil resistance tolerance of the confirmed closing coil current. Then please carefully check the wiring and make sure there's no short circuit, switching output will cancel the test instrument of short circuit protection function. Note: high voltage switch tester, short circuit protection function to cancel after ', brake control the power output is not have protection function, if the control power supply output is indeed a short circuit condition, may lead to damage of instrument control power supply. Please careful operation. The specific method is: shutdown to hold down the key not to put, boot, until the release button 'images suggest to loosen the button, short circuit protection function. Note: the high voltage switch tester is just restart after shutdown or reset, and restart the short circuit protection function.
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