High voltage switchgear common fault analysis

by:Mings     2020-06-24

high voltage switch cabinet in the course of everyday use will appear a lot of failure, and the deterioration of the running state of the switch cabinet is one of the causes of power system failure, and multiple in tend to occur in insulation, electrical and mechanical. We follow below small make up together to learn about: high voltage switchgear common fault analysis.

a) Refusing action, misoperation fault

this kind of failure is the main fault in high-voltage switchgear, the reason can be divided into two classes. One kind is due to the operating mechanism and transmission system of mechanical failure, unsmooth embodied in mechanism, parts, deformation, displacement or damage to the switch core looseness, unsmooth, shaft pin broken, tripping failures, etc. Another kind is caused by electrical control and auxiliary circuit, characterized by poor contact, secondary wiring terminal is loose, wiring errors, points and closing coil burning loss due to agency unsmooth or switch and auxiliary switch switch is ineffective, and operational power supply, switching contactor, micro switch, etc. WeChat ID technology into training deserves your attention.

2) Open and close failure

this type of failure is caused by a circuit breaker ontology, for less oil circuit breaker, main show is injection short circuit, the burning of the arc extinguish chamber and open circuit ability insufficiency, the timeliness explosion etc. For vacuum circuit breaker, show the arcing chamber and corrugated pipe leakage, vacuum degree lower, cutting capacitor group renewed, ceramic tube rupture, etc.

3) Insulation failure

insulation level is to correctly handle the various effects on the insulation voltage ( Included various operating voltage and overvoltage) , all kinds of pressure limiting measures, dielectric strength of the relationship between the three. Strive to make products to be safe and economic, to get the best economic benefits. Main show is a malfunction in the electrical insulation breakdown, outer insulation of flashover of flashover insulation breakdown, and insulation flashover breakdown, lightning overvoltage flashover breakdown, porcelain bushing, capacitance bushing flashover, flashing, breakdown, explosion, lifting lever flashover, CT flashover, breakdown, explosion, porcelain insulator rupture, etc.

4) Current-carrying failure

72 ~ 12 kv voltage class of current-carrying fault isolation plug contact undesirable caused the main reason is that switchgear contact burn melt.

5) External forces and other fault

including foreign body, natural disasters, small animals such as short circuit unknowable other external force and accidental failure.


equipment malfunctioned, generally considered to be caused by equipment quality is poor and low level, so often in strengthening equipment index level fluctuation kongfu. Actually indices such as insulation level of the equipment cannot and should not blindly to strengthen, to a concrete analysis about the accident, check whether there is the defect of universality, on the other hand is to run in the relay protection and working environment, so as to get twice the result with half the effort. We should correct use and reasonable detection switch equipment, to ensure its insulation, conductive, mechanical operation and open circuit performance and reliable security, and stand the test of time in the long run.

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