How can the wire and cable industry the development of high quality

by:Mings     2020-06-25

in recent years, in a relatively traditional low voltage cable wire and cable industry profit margins have been falling, special cable because high barriers to keep the filling on the profits, attracting a lot of cable companies constantly trying to produce. But as of this year, China's special cable market, most of the part is still being occupied by foreign companies, the most fundamental reason is the backward technology. So caused many China cable production enterprises long-term of the severe competition in the low-end market has been squeezed profits space. For cable enterprises in transformation, how can the development of high quality presentation, amplification and how to start? Power after years of development and has a wealth of experience, to optimize resources configuration to support the new kinetic energy and cohesion of innovation, the first breakthrough, efforts to build 'cable production efficiency first', towards a world famous advanced manufacturing industry agglomeration area.

the first need to inheritance to carry forward the spirit of industry craftsmen

even if it is just a cable manufacturer in China, the big but not strong, if you want to realize my dream 'power cable', boost supply side structural reform, industrial structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading is very need to spirit. So, spirit is a new power supply side to promote industry reform, is an important path to encourage innovation in the cable industry, powerful, is the momentum of industry transformation and upgrading. In practice has been heavily promoted by the whole country was in the process of spirit, wire and cable industry should be forged with the spirit of craftsman in industry characteristics to generation, and make it become the cable industry transformation in the development, construction of cable power of cultural gene and spiritual support.

the second on the need to improve enterprise's main body responsibility consciousness

wire and cable companies need to constantly perfect take the quality as the first target of enterprise operation and management idea, promote advanced quality management methods, and continuous improvement management way, the problem of finishing to improve production process quality control and management, improving the capacity of the supply of high-end products and services; Strengthen the independent innovation, technology improvement and upgrading, technology research, improve the reliability of product quality and stability; Continue to put a major force in solving common problems and key technical problems on the products above, from the introduction of the application of digestion and absorption to innovation output, from pursuing imitation copy to fill and lead, make the industry chain from low-end to high-end, even top.

the third need to promote the industry green economy circulation

green economy's production, circulation, distribution, and consumption, virtual and real, domestic and foreign interaction and total turnover process, improve the quality of the economic development of I, is the way to realize the first efficient allocation of production. As a traditional industry, wire and cable manufacturing needs to promote the energy conservation and efficient environmental protection upgrading of equipment and eliminate backward production capacity, promote the production of waste, waste gas, waste liquid recycling and reuse; Improve the manufacturing process of the utilization rate of resources and energy, raw material conversion rate, reduce waste and pollution emissions; Actively develop new materials application technology, reduce the power loss, improve the efficiency of information transmission, the development of lightweight, high efficiency, high performance and energy saving high efficient cable products, promote green manufacturing, improving the quality of development.

4 need to build up industry responsibility system for the construction of the

responsibility is the guarantee of quality, is the product of the conscience. 'Quality responsibility' is the enterprise based on this, and mass production, the life is closely linked. Enterprise quality responsibility it is the important embodiment of moral orientation and social development, is also the measure of enterprise quality management ability and management level. Current China cable industry from big to strong critical period, improve cable industry overall level of quality, strengthen the awareness of industry companies honest and integrity self-discipline consciousness, promote the industry healthy and orderly development, promote the industry credit system construction is imperative. Therefore, wire and cable branch should exert the principal role of credit management, give full play to the industry strength, coordination of all aspects of the relationship, development and advance the industry credit system construction of resultant force, is the escort industry development with high quality.

to sum up, with the advancement of urbanization construction, modern transportation with the requirements of the cable also increased significantly. After due to the rising domestic Labour costs, as well as for reasons of efficiency and management etc, industrial robots group is on the rise, demand for the development of cable quality is very strong and urgent.

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